Are you working your business or is your business working you ?

Most of us get into our own business only to realize we have just created a job for ourselves with a boss (ourselves) who is worse than the last boss we had! In this position we wear every hat from prospector to recruiter to bookkeeper to manager to sales person to marketing director to… Well, you get the picture!Why do we put ourselves through this torture? Why do we wonder why things don’t work for us? Why do we work with a dead downline (or are they)? What is the strategy we are missing? Why are we doing what our sponsor (or upline) tells us but things are still not working for us?

The answers can be found at a new way of training audios and articles. There are many pieces to the marketing puzzle and often can seem overwhelming to truly understand what it takes to succeed. Too often we fall into a trap of busy work or building our business the same way we would work a job when working for someone else. Unfortunately, an approach like you would use as an employee does not work when building your own business. I do agree that you must first treat “being accountable to take action” the same way you would if you were working for someone else. Find a mentor to be accountable too that will help you be the CEO of your business. However, you have to think like the CEO because you are the CEO.I have found a remarkable book that helped me a number of years ago in understanding how to truly think like a CEO. This helped me to begin restructuring my business. I began to understand what was essential to create duplication.I realized that I must stop working “IN” my business and start working “ON” my business. The answer to all of the above questions and to fully understand the meaning of working “on” my business was found in the book, “The E-Myth” (or the E-Myth Revisited) by Michael Gerber. Michael teaches about why most people fail in business and he leads you to the answer of “What to do about it!” Here is the main point Michael gives the reader and what all of us should be doing in our business:

Rule #1: Stop working “IN” your business and start working “ON” your business! Michael taught me through his book that you should create a system as if you were to duplicate it 5,000 times. Isn’t network marketing about duplication? Yes it is and when you think about what actions you are taking, are you taking actions which can be duplicated?

Create a Business of Duplication This was a major challenge for me over the past few years of creating success in my business. Often, I would grow beyond what was duplicatable. That was ok because I wanted to remain in a position of uniqueness in the market.But when we look at positioning to create massive duplication, we must focus beyond ourselves and what we can do and focus on the basic fundamental things that will help us grow exponentially. Duplication requires three key elements:

1) System
2) Strategy
3) Leadership.

These three key elements are integral to helping to work “ON” your business rather than just “IN” it. You should make certain that you understand these key elements and how to create duplication in your organization. Realize, your personal actions will be the first part of creating the leadership others will want to follow. You MUST be a leader who leads by example and one who leads with action. Your personal actions of working with the system and strategy will ensure you can teach others to do the same. You MUST be willing to do and actually do what you expect others to do. Ask yourself, “when I am working with my downline, am I teaching the 3 key elements of duplication?” You should be teaching the system, strategy and leadership. It is essential to creating the duplication at exponential results.

Don’t forget to Create Volume In building your duplicating business, make certain that you are not just focusing on recruitment. Remember, if no one sells anything, no one will make money. You are in business to make a profit and to make a profit, products and services must be sold. So what strategy should we use in our business? Use a strategy which creates volume flow. Have a balance between retailing of your products/services and recruiting.

Work from your Strengths! John D Rockefeller says, “The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it put your whole soul into it – every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have.”In the book, “Soar with Your Strengths” by Donald Clifton & Paula Nelson, the authors teach a philosophy of strengths. You learn how to identify your strengths and do more actions from a position of strengths. Plus, you learn how to identify your weaknesses and manage them. What is your strength? What are your weaknesses? Are you being held back in your business because you are really not doing what you know you do best.For me, when I began to work from my strengths, I found I was having much more fun. Also, I discovered real quick that no one would build my business for me. I also discovered that it was up to me to create the model of duplication for my team. To create the duplication I truly wanted, I had to develop the systems and strategies. Not just create the systems and strategies, but also market test them to ensure they work and bring the desired results. To do this creation of a duplication system, I required myself to manage the weaknesses and work from my strengths. In working toward working “ON” my business, I knew I have to understand every process within my business. I did not have to be perfect in every area, just understand it so I could manage my weaknesses and work from my strength. Following is the strategy I applied so I could stop working “IN” my business and start working “ON” my business. This strategy will put you ahead of your competition, but only if you work the strategy. Remember, consistent action is critical.

STRATEGY: Stop Working “IN” Your Business and Start Working “ON” Your Business! OBJECTIVE: Work “ON” your business and create a system as if you were duplicating it 5,000 times.

1. Read the book or listen to the tape, “The E-Myth” (or The E-Myth Revisited) by Michael Gerber. This book will help you understand the philosophy of how to work “ON” your business.
2. Read the book, “Soar with Your Strengths” by Donald Clifton & Paula Nelson. This book will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
3. Work “ON” your business focusing around your strength and outsource the rest (to your upline and downline). Keep in mind you must know how each process works so you can properly manage your weaknesses.
4. Create a “Plan of Action”! Be sure to listen to “Prospecting 101; A Plan!” (available from Dr Robin Rushlo)
5. Work your “Plan of Action”! Action creates results. It is up to you to take personal action. You have to be a leader who leads with action if you expect to grow a team of action oriented leaders. Lead by example. You can’t outsource personal action of relationship building. This means you must learn and master effective techniques in prospecting, recruiting, and leadership. Talk with your upline and mentor.
6. Revisit your “Plan of Action” and revise where necessary. Be sure to consult your coach (or upline). Use the tracking worksheets. Tracking will help you to fully understand where you are and where revisions should be made.

Place your paln into action now!

Copyright (c) 2007 Robin Rushlo