Are You Willing to Take The Plunge?

There comes a time in life when you have to jump in at the deep end and hope for the best. In fact there are many times in life when we are presented with such a choice. As a toddler you have to learn to overcome anxiety at being separated from mom, and then that first day at school can pose some similar challenges upon an even grander scale.

Time and again throughout life we face challenges which we either learn to overcome or cause us to feel as if we are sinking. Unless you want to tread water for the rest of your life, you do, at some point, have to overcome your fears and learn to swim.

I was watching a documentary the other day about Google; how they started and the philosophy behind their success. It is undeniable that Google is one of the most successful businesses ever, if not the most successful of all time. One of their key employees was asked what she felt made her able to achieve her part in this dynamic business. Her answer was that she always willing to do things which she was not comfortable with; she was willing to push past internal barriers and dive in at the deep end.

By taking that enormous plunge, you bypass much of the decision making process which other people would be tied up with; the “Will I? Won’t I? Should I?” Etc. types of thoughts which distract your focus, muddy the waters and dissipate your energy. There’s no time or energy wasted on such things when you just leap in. Once there, your survival instinct comes to your rescue. It’s sink or swim time. Where there is a will there is a way, and your survival instinct is very strong.

The most successful people in the world share this willingness to take the plunge and risk the dangers of encountering waters which are very much out of their depth. Their focus upon success is multiplied and therefore energized because of this. Let’s face it, once you are floundering in the deep end you’re not wasting energy thinking about whether or not you should be there; you’re just thinking about how you are going to get out, aren’t you?

You have in fact forced yourself into a state of tunnel vision. Your focus is very, very clear and all of your emotional energy is aligned with your goals. These are key components of success. We can all learn from this. To succeed, you must have a clear goal and fix your undivided attention and energies upon it. The greater your mental focus and more intense the energy which you apply will directly relate to how quickly you will attain your goals. This is the true secret of success.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis phobia downloads to help you to overcome fears and to achieve success.

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