Are you too irritable?

Being moderately irritable every once in a while is one thing, but feeling irritable for extended periods of time is another. To be irritable means that someone may be feeling overly sensitive to some kind of stimulation through one or more of their senses, such as sight or sound. For example, someone who is highly irritable might find the tapping of a keyboard more irritating than usual. It could be a sign that the individual exhibiting or feeling the sensitivity and irritability could be overworked, exhausted, stressed or suffering from withdrawal when trying to stop an addiction. As mentioned before, many who suffer from some irritability may have a reasonable explanation for it and their feeling is only temporary; however, for those who don’t seem to have an explanation for their irritable mood that seems to continue for an extended period of time, help might not be a bad idea.

When talking about a more serious case of irritation that never seems to come to an end, it could be caused by something else other than fatigue, too much work or lack of a vacation. It could be that the person is being affected by a stress they can’t get away from, such as something more psychological. This is not to say there is anything wrong with the individual, just that irritation may be a symptom of a more serious situation. For instance, someone who is suffering from a type of depression may start to exhibit signs of increased irritation. In fact, increased irritability is a common symptom of many forms of depression. In this case, the depression needs to be addressed. Someone who is feeling more irritable should stop for a moment and just ask themselves why they may be feeling this way. If it is a friend, then sitting them down for a moment over a coffee and bringing their change in mood to their attention can be helpful for them; in either case, it can be a change that the irritated person may not fully realize. The first step to helping one’s self or their friend is to get the person to admit there might be something wrong. The second step is to find the right kind of help. Ignoring or self-medicating the problem is not going to help. At most, it will only act as a temporary band-aid for a short while before becoming a part of the problem in the future.

While many will admit there might be something, like depression, causing their irritable moods, the idea of going to a counselor or therapist in person is completely out of the question. Whatever the reason, whether it is discomfort or embarrassment, there is another alternative that many are more open to. Online counseling is becoming more popular every day. Not only is an online counselor easy to get a hold of, but a person can go through online therapy from the comfort of their own home. More are going online every day because it is easy, confidential and convenient.

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