ARE YOU THE SEE-ER OR THE SEEN? Discover the Key to Joyful Service

Are you concerned about how others see you?

When you sit down to write an article — like I am now — or have a conversation with a prospective client, speak to an audience, or show your work it is easy to be concerned about how you look, how you will be seen. Will you be accepted or rejected? Praised or judged?

On the other hand, what’s really most important to you is to make a positive difference by being who you are, using your gifts and bringing your message to the world. You want to contribute value and you want to be true to yourself.

When you are overly concerned about how you will be seen you feel self-conscious and hold your real self and message back. Neither you nor the others get what you really want — connection through an authentic experience of you, what you are offering and how it meets their needs.

It is common human experience to want others to see us in a positive light. However, it is much more important that we see ourselves in a positive light.

Our wisdom, our brilliance and our power lie within us, not out there. It is how we see ourselves that determines the quality of our lives and our ability to succeed in what’s most important to us.

Shift from the “Seen” to the “See-er”

To shift from being the “seen” to being the “see-er” is just that — it’s a shift. We shift the direction of our attention from the outside in, to the inside out. Rather than being concerned about how others see us, we shift our attention to our inner self and look outward from there.

We go within to the truth of who we are — to our purpose, our vision and our heart inspired goals. We tap into our gifts and our message, and our authentic expression of them.

And we connect with the truth that our work is also about something bigger than us.

From our deepest authenticity we look outward, and we become the “see-er.” We focus on the prospective client, audience or whomever is before us and what it is they most want.

This sweet spot of where our deepest authenticity meets their needs and desires is the real juice. It is where connection occurs and magic happens. It is where joyful service occurs.

Step Into Your Greatness!
Become the See-er.