Are You Stuck in Getting to Get Ready Mode? 4 Easy Steps to Get Your Ducks In a Row

Do you know anyone who is always “getting ready to get ready”? They’re going to look for a new job once they put the final touches on their resume. Or they’re going to start writing that book as soon as they buy the software that will organize the story for them. It could be they’re going to start that exercise program as soon as they get the fancy new aerobics shoes. Maybe this is you. If it is, there’s still hope. I say this because I’m a recovered “Get Your Ducks In A Row” kind of gal.

Why We’re Stuck

The most common reason we stay stuck is we want everything to be “just so”. Some call this perfectionism – very annoying to those “some”. We tell ourselves that we have standards and we won’t lower them for anyone. The fact is, we’re holding ourselves back. We’re missing opportunities that fall in our lap because we don’t act on them – we just get ready for them.

The Consequences of Inaction

I’m going to be direct. Our inaction prevents our success. Obvious right? What we don’t really think about is the ancillary damage we do. The more opportunities you miss, the more promotions you’re passed up for, the more people can’t count on you because you don’t meet commitments, means the quicker you stop believing in yourself and your ability to make things happen. This can send your self-esteem in the toilet if you don’t keep it in check.

How to Get Into Action

Have your dreams seen the light of day? If not, here are some steps to make them happen.

    1. Pick One Dream or Goal to Work On
    Like many of us, you probably have many dreams or goals. If we try to work on all of them, or organize all of them before we start, we just won’t start. Pick one. The one that’s most important to you right now. By working on one goal we can have laser-beam focus on what’s most important to us.

    2. Get Clear
    Write your goal out on a 3×5 card. Get clear on why you want success. With a strong enough “why” you’ll be able to work through the road blocks that come up. If you don’t have a strong enough desire for your goal, you’ll give up when the going gets tough. Read your goal each and every day and visualize what it looks like having already achieved success!

    3. Ready, Go, Set
    This seems pretty straight forward but for many, that first step is the hardest. You’re ready, just go. It’s much easier once you start. You don’t need to know the “how” of everything – all the tools and resources you need will appear once you’ve started. You can course-correct once you’re in action. Besides, you’ll never have all the answers before you start. If you never start, you’ll never win.

    4. Celebrate
    Why is this the hardest thing for many to do? Why is it so easy for many to focus on what they did wrong, or didn’t do, or didn’t do right? It’s so important to celebrate, appreciate and acknowledge what you do right. At the end of every day, write out what you did to work towards your goal. Celebrate the commitments you kept and the temptations you didn’t give into. Catch yourself in the act of doing things right. Very soon you’ll have created a mindset of success.

Remember, actually do these steps if you want to break out of the getting ready to get ready cycle. Once you see success you’ll gain self-confidence and can add in another goal. Ready, Go, Set