Are You Setting Yourself Up for Failure?

Whether you realize it or not, you can consciously choose whether you succeed or you fail. Actually, you have already made that choice thousands of times subconsciously! If you are not already getting the results you would like, in any areas of your life, you’ve been setting yourself up for failure. Fortunately, that will never happen again!

So how are you setting yourself up for failure, and how in the world do you fix it? Well the answer is a very simple one. You may even think too simple, that this can’t possibly be correct. But it is correct. Thousands of people have already made their dreams come true by using this simple principle, and you will too. It’s a four step principle, to help you manifest anything that you desire. All you have to do is this:

1. decide what you want
2. focus on it
3. allow yourself to have it
4. take action toward it (expect it)

Don’t worry about the what if’s. If you do, according to The Law of Attraction, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

What is The Law of Attraction anyway? The Law of Attraction states that like “things” attract like “things”. And these “things” can be anything. For example, it could be thought, energy, or anything else. If you focus on abundance in your life, you will attract more abundance to your life. If you focus on “having little” (money or anything else) you will be blocking yourself from attracting an abundance.

Once again, here is the four step process. This time I’ll go into a little more detail.

First, decide what you want. You need to be very clear with this step. Don’t just think about it, actually write it down. Make sure when you write it down your write it as you already have it. Example: I love having an abundant source of money that allows me to donate money to charity each month. Make sure that it doesn’t conflict with anything else you’re trying to manifest or you won’t be able to manifest either.

Step two is to allow yourself to have what you want. This may sound stupid but many people really do have hang ups about the things they want. They feel as though they don’t deserve it. Make sure you know you deserve it and that it’s perfectly ok to have it. Again with the money example, many people feel that being rich is bad and that to get rich you have to cheat. You must change those feelings.

Step three, focus on it. Writing it down will also help with this step. Put reminders all over the place so when you see them you will think about. In this step you also want to visualize having the money. This is very important. To go along with our money example, visualize yourself with the money. Visualize give some of it to charity. Actually feel what it feels like to do that. Use as many senses as possible to make the experience as real as possible.

Step four is to expect it to happen. Expect good things and you shall receive good things. Act as though it already has. Start donating that money to charity like you said you would when you are rich. This will really solidify the first three steps.

That’s it. Just keep repeating steps three and four and your desires will soon become your reality!