Are You Sabotaging Your Success?  

I’ve seen a recurring theme among my clients lately they are sabotaging their own success. They are doing a lot of dreaming, wishing, and wanting without taking EFFECTIVE action. They do a lot of busy work but not things that are imperative to accomplishing their success.

So why does this happen? One common reason is fear of success. Achieving success changes the status Quality United Observation. Anytime the status Quality United Observation changes the primitive part of your brain is triggered. Rather than face any possible unknown dangers, it would rather stick with the familiar. From your primitive brain’s perspective facing the familiar even if it’s less than ideal is still better than a new (and possibly unbeatable) danger. In a delusional effort to “protect you from this potential danger your primitive brain constructs an array of reasons why you shouldn’t go forward. Often the stories it creates are quite elaborate.

Here’s an example to illustrate. Let’s say you want to make a big breakthrough in your career. Because the advancement is unfamiliar to your primitive brain it may start to project a number of worst-case scenarios. You may begin worrying about working longer hours taking on additional responsibilities or being more visible. An old tape may start running through your head chanting you’re not good enough. You don’t deserve this break. You start to think of all the things that will fall apart if you stepped up your game you have less time for your relationship your kids, your aging parents, and forget about any time for yourself! You may even question whether you have it in you to put in the extra perceived effort the big break will require of you.

Can you see how this line of thinking can keep you stuck in a rut unable to take effective action? Despite the desire to make the career breakthrough, your subconscious fear of what the success will bring is keeping you stymied?

Here are a few tips to help you overcome the fear of success:

1. Write out all of your objections on paper. It’s very important to see all of the naysayers in your mind so that you can effectively address them all. Otherwise, they will be running the show and you won’t even realize it. Often simply acknowledging the different fears diffuses them.

2. Visualize achieving the success. Visualizations can subconsciously trick your primitive brain by making the success seem familiar and therefore less scary. Spend a few minutes several times a day seeing yourself accomplish your success. This picture should be as detailed and vivid as possible. Notice what the success feels like, using all of your senses. Don’t rush through this visualization. Let it really sink in. This will become the fuel for the next step.

3. Take effective action. In order to do so, write the top 5 crucial actions that must get done to achieve the success. Keep this list visible. Your objective is to ensure that you are working on one or more of these actions each day until they are complete. Having a list of the crucial actions helps you to stay focused and less likely to surf the Internet or check email unnecessarily!

Follow these steps to help you overcome your subconscious fear of success. Remember, this is not a one-shot deal. Once you deal with one layer of fear you may unveil another layer at a later time. Just be diligent. When necessary, seek the support of a coach an accountability buddy a mastermind etc. to help you stay the course.