Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

We all know that the bedrock foundation of your business is you.

But sometimes we forget. We go off hunting some new marketing strategy or sales technique that will put us over the top. But when we find that killer technique, do we implement it fully, consistently and with vigor?

Examples of Self Sabotage

Take a good honest look at yourself. Do you consistently spend enough time doing those things that will earn you money, or do you get sidetracked doing all those urgent things that are not really important? Poor time management can really sabotage your success.

Another time killer is perfectionism. You can spend so much time getting a project perfect, doing it over and over, that your investment time is not worth the results from the project. You also are neglecting other important things you should be doing.

You can also sabotage yourself by having a poor self-image. If you think you are inferior to your colleagues, you will unwittingly send out signals and people will not give you the respect you deserve. They will not value your services because you do not value yourself.

This is similar to sabotaging yourself with lack of self-confidence.

When you lack confidence, you hold yourself back. You avoided doing something because you tell yourself, “What’s the use? It won’t work anyway.”

Selling reluctance will surely sabotage your business. Have you ever sat in front of the telephone so drained of the energy that you had when he woke up in the morning, that you can’t pick up the phone and make the calls you should make? Or, maybe instead, you play a common game with yourself and find a lot of little unimportant things to do to keep you from picking up that telephone.

Stopping Self Sabotage

Although using instructions from a book can achieve results, most of us grow faster and bigger with help from our fellow human beings, like a mentor, a coach, or support group. That’s why Napoleon Hill recommended mastermind groups so highly.

Before you can master a new selling technique, before you can become a marketing guru, before you can master any business strategy, you have to master your own mind first. You have to control the way you think, your belief system, your attitudes and your feelings. Because these things control the way you will act. Action produces results. The right actions will produce the right results.

To get the results you want, you have to improve yourself, remove blocks to your success and stop sabotaging yourself.

Invest your time and money in self-improvement. Read books like, “Thinking and Grow Rich,” “The Giant within You,” and “Triggers: A New Approach to Self-Motivation.”

Go to self-improvement workshops and seminars. It just makes good business sense. You have to master yourself before you can master any business technique, strategy or approach. Wishing you ultimate happiness and success, ~Stan Success Coach

Copyright (c) 2007 Stan the Mann