Are You Sabotaging Your Life?

I just returned from a whirlwind trip to NYC. I was accompanying my husband, Phil, to a Saturday morning breakfast meeting. He’s Working on an exciting project which requires raising money to bring a new motorcycle to the global market.

Yes, it is exciting to be sure! BUT, as someone who easily supports and gets excited for someone else’s’ project, I had to ask myself: What things are on my to do list, what goals have I set for myself this year? And how am i impeding my own progress toward those goals? Well, I can tell you from first hand experience that grabbing onto and supporting “other’s ” goals too tightly can sabotage your own progress………

I admit it, I’m someone who ignores my own goals in suport of others. I tend to think more about someone else’s success than my own. STOP IT! I think to myself but it really takes quite an effort on my part.

Lately I have been very preoccupied with how successful people set and achieve their goals. If I’m not careful, others can waylay my goals and my focus for achieving things important to me. There are unlimited, and sometimes subtle, distractions which can sabotage my desire to achieve “x”.

So I pulled out the list that I make annually and started reviewing and refining it upon my return from NYC and all the exciting happenings for Phil.

I know goal setting is a universal process, but everyone seems to approach it differently. Here is my own process for streamlining the goal-setting process.

1. Write it down! I’m always tempted to keep my goals a secret – even from myself. Writing down my goals is an annual must for me. It serves to keep me honest and the fact is, you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down!

2. Divide your goals into categories – I use PERSONAL, BUSINESS, AND SELF DEVELOPMENT – I like using this 3-column approach because I can clearly see and prioritize the different areas of my life.

3. Examine why each goal is important to accomplish. I ask myself questions like; “How will my life be different when I accomplish ‘x’?” or, “Is this a goal that is inner directed or outer directed?”; “Am I willing to sacrifice the time, money and other things necessary to accomplish this goal?” Remember, goals are only as good as their importance to their owner, ME. If your response is lukewarm maybe it shouldn’t be taking up space on your “goal list”

4. Know what you want and don’t want in your life, before adopting a goal. This amounts to being self-aware, being tuned in to my values. I ask myself ” Is this a goal which supports who I am and my overall vision for my life?” For example, if you value “fun” in life, you may have a qualifier that your goal must have an element of “fun” built in. Maybe as a reward, even! When goals are connected with who you are in life, you are more likely to achieve them.

5. Know your supporters and detractors. This is HUGE. I find that if I spend time with people who are not supportive, or who don’t have goals for themselves, it brings me down and blows me off course.

6. Share your goals with someone. Talking about your goals brings more ideas and support for them to the forefront. Try not to keep goals and aspirations a secret – own them and be proud of them. Stick up for your life and move toward things that are important.

And so as I return from NYC and all the excitement revolving around my husband’s project, I’m reminded not to become distracted with another’s goal. I’ve got my annual goal list in front of me and I’m reviewing and revising the goals I have for myself. I hope you will too because there will never be an optimum time for taking action on things important to you. Now is all you’ve got. So begin your list today!

I hope this inspires you to take some action today………………