Are You Ready To Become a Consciousness Creator?

Humans today are either conscious, unconscious or Consciousness Crusaders. If conscious, then you’re at least vaguely aware of your ability to Consciously Create a reality through your deeds, emotions and thoughts. Those that are unconscious know not their impact and are unaware of the negative experiences they’re stirring up for themselves, including angry run-ins with others, a derailed love life, self loathing, money problems, etc. The unconscious even create misery for us all by compounding the Earth’s problems through reinforcement of negative energies that manifest hatred, distrust, poverty, homelessness and global climactic instability.

But then there are Consciousness Crusaders! People who are changing the world!

Consciousness Crusaders are cognizant of their ability to co-create the future by living a high frequency lifestyle. These Consciousness Crusaders use personal frequency management skills to attract what they want in their lives, and then guide others to consciousness. The art of monitoring your words, deeds, emotions and thoughts to reflect a positive high frequency is called frequency management. Those that execute this technique are working with the Universe rather than emitting negative energy that counteracts the Universe’s goodwill and keeps at bay one’s greatest desires. Quantum physics has revealed that our emotions, thoughts, deeds and words form packets of energy that indeed influence our future. They are strong tools for shaping, molding and creating the future we want.

Utilizing this magnet of attraction for peace, joy and abundance only requires us to match the Universe’s high vibration. The Universe resonates on the highest of all frequencies, one that corresponds with love. Other high frequencies are: kindness, compassion, joy, forgiveness, courage, generosity, acceptance, understanding, patience, gratitude, peace, optimism, integrity and sincerity. Low frequencies are: hate, anger, envy, fear, frustration, pessimism, impatience, doubt, guilt, despair, dishonesty, revenge, selfishness, ingratitude, intolerance, sorrow, shame and prejudice. Transforming negative vibrations to positive ones is essential in raising one’s frequency and enhancing your power to Consciously Create the future instead of allowing unconscious creation to manifest your reality.

Consciousness Crusaders are powerful and work on multiple levels:
•They monitor their deeds, words, thoughts and emotions to create a happy, balanced life for themselves while contributing positive energy to the Earth’s energy bank.
•They decide exactly what they want and Consciously Create visions that will draw desired results.
•They assist others to become conscious by kindly and diplomatically teaching them how to Consciously Create.
•They Consciously Create on behalf of the Universe by using visions to manifest a positive global future rather focusing on today’s shortcomings.
•They take action through some sort of service to help manifest an envisioned future.

Want to become a Consciousness Crusader? Start by working on yourself. Read books on Manifesting and Conscious Creation. is a great source to find a library of readings on these subjects. Also be aware of your “energy habits,” as well as the habits of those around you. Focus on thinking before you speak, transform negative thoughts before they attract undesired ends. When you’ve got a solid grip on your behavior, then you can kindly spread your knowledge to others by leading through example. And if you want to unite with other Consciousness Crusaders, consider becoming active in United World Healing (, an organization chartered to harness the conscious intent of people and organizations to create a healthier, compassionate and loving world.