It’s so easy to know what is good for you. You know it is good for you to eat fruits and vegetables, exercise and drink plenty of water, right? Are you doing it? Are you doing it regularly enough to feel good about it? Are you spending quiet time alone with yourself, your thoughts and your goals at least weekly? Are you paying attention and spending time with those you say are important to you often enough so they know how much you value the relationship?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to these, TERRIFIC! You’re playing on your own team! If not, why not? Humans are strange. Many of us withhold from ourselves the very things we know would increase our satisfaction with our lives, we withhold our good from ourselves. Doesn’t this seem more than a little masochistic? Why don’t we count with the most important person in our lives–ourselves?

Sometimes, deep, deep down inside ourselves, we may believe that it is selfish to give to ourselves. Sometimes, deep, deep down inside ourselves, we do not believe that we deserve to have a really good life. Sometimes, we think we’re doing enough by simply saying that we know we should or could do things. That, somehow, gets us off the hook from actually doing it!

If any of these things are true for you, STOP! Sit right down–yes, right this minute–and ask yourself why you are preventing your own good. Dig deep! Stay with it until you have an answer. Discuss it with your closest friend. Find out what’s going on with you. Why are you withholding your good from yourself?

Then, begin with TTDC’s. If you haven’t heard about my trademarked system yet, TTDC stands for “Teeny, Tiny, Do-Able Chunks”. Start with the smallest increment of time and energy…but START!!! If it is exercise, start by doing ten minutes a day of something that you would call exercise*. If it is cleaning your clutter, start with one shelf or one drawer a day. If it is improving your relationship, spend ten
minutes a day talking to that important person with nothing else happening at the same time! You get the idea. You’re in charge.

You deserve to be happy, healthy and on your own team. Let nothing stop you. Start now!

* If you find that ten minutes is more than think you can fit
it, what’s going on? Maybe you need some personal help to
discover your blocks to your own good.

By Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, San Diego, CA.
Founder Spiritual Living Network™
All rights reserved worldwide.