Are You Mastering Technology Financing ? Canadian Computer Leasing Must Know Info For PC Hardware And Other Tech Assets

Looking for a huge amount of risk, financial risk, and extra cost for your Canadian business? We aren’t’ and you shouldn’t be either!

Haven’t you got enough risk in your business life to have to also consider the downside of making the wrong decisions in areas of technology financing? Surely it’s a fact that computer leasing of pc hardware, servers, and software provide both the greatest benefits to your firm, as well as the greatest risk if you structure things improperly.

It’s always been clear to us that there are just a huge amount of benefits to your business when your technology infrastructure is throwing your firm off the benefits you had hoped for… (and were promised?)

Another aspect of getting the right tech financing in place is simply the amount of time you and or your key staff in this area can spend on weighing options and considerations .When your finance folks, accounting folks, and those techies aren’t in mutual agreement or in the know about whats going you are leading your firm into potential mistakes and costs you could have avoided.

When we sit down with clients and layout some key issues for them to consider for computer and software leasing one of the key areas we focus on is ‘ end of term ‘. It’s a simple phrase that has all sorts of ramifications you didn’t think of. And unfortunately most clients focus on starting a lease, and not ending in, which should have the same consideration when it comes to computer and tech financing.

So why is the end of the lease so important in technology financing ?Simply because that’s when a lot of your risk mitigation kicks in , and , depending on which type of and lease company you are dealing with that’s when their real profit on your transaction often starts . It’s not always about the interest rate, which many clients seem to always focus on a being the most important part of a computer leasing success story.
So whats one example of how you can lose big time in technology financing and end of term .Quite frankly you wont believe how simple, and costly this is! We’re talking about ‘notification ‘.

Most Canadian companies don’t either know or understand their notification rights when it comes to end of term. Your lessor may have promised to call you when your lease term is up… if they do, or even better, notify you in writing, that’s great. However when they don’t you are in many cases obligated to keep paying for the lease.

Ever paid for something twice by mistake? (We hate it when that happens!) You wouldn’t want to do that in your personal life, and surely with the cost of pc’s, servers, and software you would regret paying for that twice also. That’s a bit of an understatement, don’t you think?

So discuss end of term options, ensure you understand your rights and obligations, and also diarize when that lease term is up. Never had a calendar been so important!! And by the way, by spending some time on a ‘ Master Lease ‘ allows those notifications, rights and obligations to be addressed one time, up front, in writing! That’s smart business.

In summary, we often preach to clients that one of the largest obstacles to technological innovation to your firm is the cost of pc hardware, servers, software, telecom equipt, etc. Consider eliminating that ‘obstacle to innovation’ by speaking to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian financing business advisor who can ensure you have computer leasing that makes sense , in place, today!