Are You Looking For Natural Pain Relief Medication?

There is probably nothing more debilitating than chronic pain. Defined as pain lasting for six months or longer. Chronic pain afflicts millions of people. There is no way for you to be completely sure of preventing chronic pain. It can strike at any stage of your life, whether because of an accident or disease.

Chronic pain often long outlives its original cause, worsening over time and taking on a life of its own. Recent research has shown that chronic pain is destructive to your body. The longer chronic pain goes untreated, the worse it becomes. Chronic pain unleashes a cascade of harmful hormones, such as cortisol, that adversely affect your immune system and kidney function. You can’t expect it to go away by itself.

Many chronic pain sufferers wind up taking huge amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs. The NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen put them at risk for gastrointestinal bleeding and liver dysfunction. The newer class of pharmaceutical pain relievers, the COX-2 inhibitors, while an improvement in terms of side effects, still may cause some abdominal distress.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin and Aleve, were implicated in the deaths of 16,000 people in the USA in 2000, due to bleeding ulcers and related complications, according to the Federal Drug Abuse Network. Research is also uncovering the fact that anxiety and depression are not so much responses to pain as the consequences of it.

Functional-imaging scans reveal similar disturbances in brain chemistry for both chronic pain and for depression. Pain and depression share the same neural pathways, the same circuitry. Allopathic physicians to treat depression and pain use the same medications. Depression and stressful events can enhance pain.

Chronic pain sufferers usually respond to stress with more pain. Serotonin and the endorphins that modulate healthy brain functioning also modulate depression. If you have chronic pain it uses up your serotonin like a car running out of gas.

It’s important to reduce the level of prostaglandins in your body. The compounds that cause you aches, pain and inflammation that makes your life miserable. It helps you to relax your muscles and to reduce swelling. It improves blood flow to areas such as your joints.

Most likely, you or someone you know suffers from some form of joint pain. With the recent removal of VIOXX and Celebrex from the market, millions of people are now searching for all-natural alternatives to help them, without causing the side effects associated with many artificial pain relievers.

But remember that taking these types of products is NOT a substitute for treatment by a physician.