Are You Influenced By Hypnosis?

Are you under the influence of hypnosis? Have you ever given up on a goal or dream because you thought you could not achieve it? Do you believe you do not have the necessary abilities, skills or intelligence to live out your dreams? Have you been the victim of negative influences from peers, friends or family? Do you currently accept the negative beliefs that you cannot be, do or have whatever you want? Do you berate yourself when you don’t perform like others? If you can answer yes to any of the above questions then you have been hypnotized!

There are a myriad of sayings that people recite on a daily basis which they use to bombard the ears of their listeners. Many of them will not be new to you and you may even have fallen into the trap of using some of them yourself! “You shouldn’t aspire above your station”, “that’s not a real job”, “That’s risky”, “perhaps you would be better suited to something else”, “you can’t do that”, “that’s impossible”, “just be satisfied with what you have” etc, etc, etc.

Our modern western society is very strange in its approach to building a better life. We are constantly bombarded with images that create desires within us. You have been sold the great American Dream and heard the fantastic stories of those who rose from rags to riches or overcame great obstacles to achieve their goals and build their dreams. Yet you are told unconsciously that you are not good enough to achieve these things yourself!

Your focus is constantly being directed towards things that you are unconsciously told are impossible for you to achieve. Yet deep within you isn’t there something that tells you that you would not have these dreams unless they were achievable?

No matter what any other person has achieved, regardless of how impossible it may seem, can also be achieved by you! We are given dreams so that we can achieve them. Do you really think that the All-Powerful creator of the Cosmos would give you the ability to dream and imagine a better life if he did not also give you the ability to attain it?

The problem with many of the views about attaining our dreams is in the direction of focus. Attaining our desires only seems impossible if your first point of focus is on how you are going to do it. Anything worthwhile and noteworthy that has ever been achieved was first created in the imagination of the achiever. By redirecting your focus on the completion of your goal roads will open for you where before there were only dead-ends.

It is a golden rule that you will need to take some form of action to reach your goals. However, your focus should not be on these actions steps and your attention should never be placed solely on any plans you have made to attain your desires. Your focus should always remain on the end result and the feelings that it will generate. By staying focused on the outcome you can rest assured that the Universe will show you the way.

Focusing on your dreams and imagining your life the way you want it to be is the fastest and only secure and guaranteed way to create your vision in the material world. The problem with this approach, for most of us, is a lack of self belief. Low self esteem is the biggest cause of failure on this planet.

For many thousands of years men and women have been proving that by holding a strong mental image in mind and backing that image with strong emotions anyone can create anything they desire. The only reason staying focused on a mental image of already having the things you desire is so difficult is because you don’t really believe you can accomplish, have, be, or do that thing. Therefore, it is imperative that you build your self esteem so that you have a self image of someone who can achieve whatever they set their mind on!

Self esteem is really only removing the self-imposed limitations that you have accepted from the world. All those negative beliefs, sayings and thoughts of others that you have falsely embraced as truth must be eliminated and your true nature allowed to shine through.

This can be achieved through diligence to your dreams and inner visions. Visualize your outcome twice everyday. The best times are just after waking and just before sleeping. See your outcome as having already been accomplished and remember to evoke strong positive emotions with the mental pictures. Holding firm to your vision and affirming that your life is changing and conforming to your dream will build your self-belief and then life will start to confirm this new belief by literally restructuring matter.

All the personal development tools in the world were created to help you achieve this frame of mind. For example hypnosis is designed to program your unconscious thought patterns to be in alignment with your conscious desires. All self improvement products are designed to change the way you think and feel!

Begin today to build your vision and visualize it daily. Evoke as much positive emotion around your vision as you can and recall those emotions and mental images throughout your day. If you get caught thinking negatively about your goals, stop for a moment and reverse the thought. Think the positive thought twice so that you neutralize the negative and reinforce the positive. Be sure to give yourself as much help as possible. Look for tools that will keep you focused on the things you want and not on the things you don’t want. Be diligent when using these tools.

No matter what the world now appears to be it will change if you begin now to put into practice the advice in this article. Remain focused on your inner vision and positive emotions and everything else will fall into place.