Are You Frustrated with Lack of Business Funding Options?

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What’s a busy retail merchant to do when it needs extra working capital?

“Oh, NO!!! – Not the gauntlet,” you think – taking your valuable time (and patience) to deal with the “paperwork” required by traditional sources!

Correct! You got it! Not the Guantlet! And let me tell you why!

Today — there is a better, easier, more reliable, convenient and FAST way to obtain lines of business credit for merchants!

“HOW?” you say; tell me more!

Okay, I will — since it is my goal to help educate small business owners as to all the alternative financial tools available to them today that were not previously available – that’s just what I intend to do. So, listen up because this is exciting stuff!

Any vendor or merchant who accepts credit/debit cards can easily get an advance from their “future” credit and/or debit card receipts!

Remember, the folks I work with help businesses leverage their “liquid assets” so that no “debt” is created and added to their balance sheet. In fact, many businesses use the options we offer to retire “loans” and “strengthen” their balance sheet!

So, those little bitty chunks of paper — those future credit or debit card receipts — are pieces of paper with a dollar value attached to them, right? And, what can you do with them in the asset-based lending industry? You got it! You can “leverage” them! They are a “liquid asset” of the merchant’s business.

Using this non-traditional, debt-free funding tool, we have helped businesses by providing money for:

– Equipment and inventory purchases
– Cash flow needs for seasonal businesses
– Renovating or remodeling your business
– Advertising

So, “Give me some details,” you say!

How does it work?

The funding source will literally purchase your “future” Visa/MC receipts in the form of a cash advance.


1) You are advanced from $1,500 up to $250,000 based on your previous average monthly sales receipts
2) A small fee is deducted from your ongoing “future” Visa/MC receipts (the amount or percentage is determined by the business owner and the funder)
3) There are no fixed payments and no fixed re-payment term

What do you need to qualify?


1) Your business must accept credit/debit cards as a form of payment
2) You need to be processing a minimum of $1,700.00 and above a month
3) You can qualify even with poor personal or business credit

What paperwork is needed?


1) Completed and signed simple application
2) Three or more month’s credit card statements
3) Bank statement

How long does it take?


Once your completed application has been received and processed (which can sometimes be done in as little as 1 day’s time), it takes 5-7 days for the funds to be forwarded and any subsequent funding can be done in one-half the time.

So, as an example, a merchant whose business averages $20,000 a month in credit/debit card receivables, can get an advance of approximately $30,000 against its “future” receipts within 5 to 7 days after completion of the application and approval process.

These are easy lines of credit for merchants to establish and maintain – even for years – so that any extraordinary working capital needs they might encounter can be filled almost automatically without any disruption to a merchant’s already busy schedule.

The vast majority of the millions of new jobs created in the US in the last 15 years were created by the hundreds of thousands of small merchants and entrepreneurs that have fueled America’s economic growth. And, until now, small business’ funding and other needs have gone un-addressed.

As relates to funding, however, innovative private investors have seen this need of small business and have stepped in to lend a hand and help make the small merchant’s business grow and prosper while saving time and headaches.

These funders provide the funds a small business needs to realize its full potential and make its dreams become a reality and I, for one, am happy and excited to be a part of it!