Are You Following This Practice In Your Advertising

A friend of mine is a huge New York Giants fan. If you do not know who the New York Giants are, then let me be the first to tell you. They are the National Football League`s team, well one of them anyway, that is based out of New York City.

Being that he is a huge fan of the team I am constantly hearing criticism about their starting Quarterback Eli Manning. I hear about his ups and downs of playing his position, and how it is an uncomfortable roller coaster ride for fans.

This roller coaster ride in football can be experienced in business as well if you are not careful with the way you advertise. We`ll get to more on that in a moment. For now, when you do things wrong or make your customers, or even potential customers feel like they are all over the place, they will have the same uneasy feeling that my friend feels everytime the quaertback takes the field. It is also the same feeling you get in your stomach when you actually do ride a roller coaster.

When it comes to accomplishments in business, especially when it comes to advertising, to avoid that roller coaster affect, the best practice to implement is consistancy.

You need to be consistant in all the advertising you do. Whether it is in print, on the radio or TV or on our website, your message must be the same no matter where you run it.

If you constantly change the message, you will confuse people to the point where they won`t be sure as to what your company does, represents or sells. That is a bad position to put your company in.

To stay consistant make sure that your advertising message is the same as what your customer will see on your company business cards, letterheads, invoices, envelopes, signs, banners etc.

You want customers to be able to look at those documents and be able to associate it with the advertising they responded to in the first place. A recognizable company logo is a start, however your slogan should be the same, no matter where you put it. People should be able to see your ad, or docs and say, “oh yeah that is XYZ corp, they sell a lot of widgets.”

You get the point. Stay consistant in all of the advertising that you do. It will pay off dividends over time as people, your potential customers, will get to know and understand your brand.