Are You Fed Up With People Talking about Being Fat?

Everyone these days seems to be on a diet or trying out one new weight loss system or another. Everyone seems to be talking about feeling fat. And in the same breath they’re telling you about what they ate last night and what they are craving now and what they can’t have and what they are going to eat tonight. Every waking thought seems to centre upon food, and feeling fat. Are you caught up in this trap of food thoughts which seem to run around and around in your mind again and again as you make your way through the day?

It is these very thoughts which lead to being fat. If you think about food, you’re going to end up eating it. A different way of thinking is what is needed in order to break this cycle.

Now, I have a friend who knew that this was at the heart of the feeling fat-trying to lose weight-thinking about food-eating more-feeling fatter “merry-go-round”. He has four sisters who constantly talked about feeling fat and diets and losing weight. So he decided to do something about this. He decided to give them a helping hand and at the same time provide some relief for his own ears! He knew that weight loss hypnosis is a very effective treatment and so he bought an iPod for each of his four sisters and downloaded onto each machine a series of “lose weight” hypnosis recordings.

He thought this was a great idea. I thought he was a very brave man indeed! Although we might feel fat and talk about it a lot, not many of us appreciate someone else AGREEING with us, and my friends actions indicated just this. Giving his sisters their iPods with lose weight hypnosis sessions was tantamount to just saying “you’re fat, do something about it”. It’s like a slap in the face. Fortunately, they know him and love him and knew that he didn’t mean it this way. He went on to provide similar gifts to his personal assistant, cleaner and two other friends…very brave! For some of them he even added stop smoking hypnosis downloads…even braver!

It is a great idea to give someone who you care about a present which you know will help them. We know that hypnosis works. We know that hypnosis is a very effective treatment for easy and long term weight loss and also for stopping smoking. But there is one proviso – you have to have a willing subject, someone who wants to lose weight or stop smoking and is ready to do it now. This usually means that it needs to be their idea.

The moral of the story is that if you are thinking about giving someone a gift to help them lose weight, it may be best to check with them first that this is acceptable.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health, including weight loss hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis and hypnosis confidence.