Are You Doing This With Your Advertising?

When you shop for something, lets say the new hot electronic gadget on the market, what is it that attracts you to buy it? Is it an impulse buy, maybe a friend recommended it, or maybe it is something that will make life easier.

This article doesn`t focus on any one type of product or service, but rather really hits home as to what you should do when advertising to help promote what it is you sell or provide. We`ll get to more on that in a moment.

Back to our electronic gizmo. When buying this or any product, or even hiring a service, what do you normally ask yourself before you lay down that cash? Think like a customer for second, which is what you are, when you are making a purchase.

If you think long and hard enough, then you probably have already hit on the topic we are going to talk about in this article. That topic is the benefits of what you are buying. More importantly we are going to talk about how your advertising should promote the benefits of your business, products or services.

There is no question that many people out there today are impulse buyers. They buy something because they like the color, or the way it looks. However, most customers do not shop that way, otherwise all advertising would read, “come buy our widget, it comes in blue”.

If you ever see a car commercial, a lot of times they promote how it is more safe for you to drive, maybe better gas mileage and so on. What do these things have in common? They are the benefits of buying their vehicles and not just features.

In order to successfully promote your business, products or services, whether it be on TV, radio, in print or on our website, you need to promote the benefits of what you are selling.

Sure a lot of cup holders in a car is a nice feature, and sure the color blue for the widget is a nice feature, but I am not going to run out and buy it because of it…would you? Probably not.

In your business you need to think the same way. What are the benefits to your consumers if they use your products or services. Sit down and write out a simple list of what they are, and then design your advertising around that.

Once you come up with a good advertising campaign that promotes the benefits of what you are offering, chances are the customers aren`t too far behind.