Are you distracted?

Are you distracted?

Do you feel like you keep getting distracted from what you want to do and achieve? I find that many people who are not following their dreams and life purpose are distracted. They get caught up in other things that don’t fulfill them. This happens because they do feel confident enough in themselves to go after their dream or goals. They have so many fears and concerns about fulfilling their dreams that they find ways avoid being confronted, like being distracted.

You get scared to take a chance and risk going for your dreams, so you play it safe. When you get caught up in something else and you are not focusing on your dream 100% you do not have to take responsibility for your life or the outcome of your dream. You always have a good excuse for why you haven’t been focused on it.

Being distracted gives you a reason that looks good to others for not honoring your dreams and goals. I even know people who have had children as a way to avoid following their dreams. They were so scared to take the chance on their dream that they started a family. The thing you want to get is that it is normal to have fears and concerns about fulfilling your dreams and goals in life. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to say I am going to commit to doing this not matter the outcome.

Now you have the power to be honest with yourself about how you have been distracting yourself from what you want and what it has cost you. Some costs may be; your self-expression, fulfillment, excitement and passion for life.

The more you distract yourself from your purpose or dream the longer it will take you to fulfill it. The harder it will be to get the confidence and courage to go after your dream. When you deny yourself true self-expression you are doing a dis-service to yourself and others. A person who is following their dreams is fulfilled and happy. Other people benefit from being around people like that, so see this as your duty. Your assignment: Think of things you have wanted to do and accomplish that you know would bring you joy. What has gotten in your way? What has been the pay-off of being distracted? What has been the cost for not following your dreams and goals? Commit to taking one action step toward your dream. Take one action toward removing one distraction from your dream.

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