Are You Dancing In Your Business?

Dancing solo can be exhilarating. It can be rich and full of expression. Or it can be missing something.

If you are an inspired entrepreneur, there is a dance to successfully bringing your very important work to the world. It is a dance of two, the ‘pas de deux’ of devoted calling, and of business.

I’ll say more about that but first I want to share something with you. The Pas de Deux theme of this article was inspired. And I also have this “should” thing going on in my head.

Here’s the “Should” Thing Trying to Take the Lead

“I’m in business for myself. This is a newsletter article. It ‘should’ have bullet points – ‘3’ is a good number.

It ‘should’ be personal, but not too personal. It ‘should’ connect with my audience. It ‘should’ provide useful information that inspires them, and that also primes them to buy from me.”

When I notice “shoulds” beginning to creep in, I also notice the inner static I feel. “Shoulds” simply don’t work for me. But then “shoulds” don’t really work for anyone. And for the simple reason that they don’t engage the heart. Or the deep and natural desire to connect and make a difference.

Even my body has begun to react in a way that is impossible for me to ignore when I get close to the line where “shoulds” attempt to take the lead away from heart and desire.

When connecting with your audience (your people) or making a difference becomes a business tactic or a “should” in any way, it becomes dry and disconnected. There is an inner dissonance. The heart disagrees. There is no longer a dance.

The Essence of the Dance

The crux of all purposeful work is opening your heart and freely giving from the love that pours out of you when you do. It is allowing yourself to experience the bliss of being who you are meant to be and doing what you are meant to do for the people you are meant to serve.

It is this that is the essence of devoted calling, one of the dance of two.

Every calling comes with all the resources – the inner ones and access to the outer ones – which you will need to fully answer the call.

For many of you, your business is the way you have chosen to follow your calling. And, yes, to live abundantly in the process. Abundance is your natural birthright.

My desire for you is that you experience the freedom, aliveness and abundance of being deeply connected and fully expressing who you are as you answer the call. Your people are waiting for you even now!

And yes, you also have to be smart in your business and lead it in ways that work for you, that work for the people you serve and that are profitable. But your business is not here to run the show. It’s here to serve.

Let your calling also call your business forth to the dance of two, the pas de deux. If you are an entrepreneur, this dance of two requires your business. Just remember that your calling is the lead.

From my heart to yours!

Step Into Your Greatness!