Are You Damaging Your Business Being A Power Seller

It would be safe to assume your eBay goal should be to become an eBay Powerseller wouldn’t it? But inspite of every thing eBay tell us their are those that differ in this view.

Wanting to keep under the radar is a proven method used by one of eBay top sellers who would regard herself as a bit of a rebel to convention. By going against the masses Sydney Johnson has managed to create a eBay business others only dream of.

After almost ten years of highly successful trading on eBay she is also the master teacher of a You can find her great course Auction Genius Course if you want Sydney to coach you, is superb for all levels.

The traditional route for ambitious traders on eBay is to aim towards building a prominent profile built on vast quantities of favorable feedback. The feedback is basically a vote of confidence, or otherwise, from people who have done business with you on eBay.

When you get enough sales on eBay you are rewarded by becoming what they call a “Power Seller”, a position that comes with special privileges and a certain supposedly desirable degree of visibility. Most of the time it is a double-edged sword, says Sydney.

“Once I was a Power Seller in fact for quite a while, but I started to think every one knows exactly what I am doing. So now I operate a under cover style operation with several account ID’s with lower feedback and no one even notices my activity”

High seller profiling can backfire on a business when things go wrong. This can happen to the most professional outfits. Sydney had a delivery of soiled goods go out to several hundred customers. The supplier had always been reliable and she had had no reason to suspect that there were problems. It took time and effort to counteract the effects of the avalanche of bad feedback that resulted from this single issue.

Sydney might be seen as unconventional in her out look but she does not look to do anything which might get her banned from eBay and it’s ever growing rule book.

Though she abides by the rules she likes to sail close to the wind. She is one of the many traders who see eBay as more of a remarkable lead generator than a limitless marketplace. She sees the web site as a starting point but she likes to form her own customer lists generated from her initial contacts made on eBay and take them out of the eBay stable and into her own more malleable marketplace.

This is where she and other traders like her are not model eBay traders. They are independent thinkers who don’t like to confine their business to just this one vehicle.