Are You Consumed By Social Envy?

Envy can be likened to a tape worm gnawing away uncomfortably at your inner emotions; and like this parasite which takes up residence in whatever host it can wriggle itself into, envy can feel like an alien being living within your mind and body. A tapeworm lives within the intestines and envy too has the ability to create a gut-wrenching effect.

Envy is not a “pretty” emotion to experience and it is no more comfortable it’s recipients. The person who plays host to envy may feel like the owner of an untrained terrier which has an obsessive tendency to nip away at it’s supposed master, whilst always on the lookout for an unsuspecting passer-by who it thinks may have more interesting ankles! It is no wonder that those passers-by increase their pace or seek out an alternative route or future use.

Envy is felt by one who thinks that another may have something better within whatever domain their focus is currently directed. That sense of envy also has a tendency to be magnified when the person who is being measured up as a comparison is perceived as being similar to the one who is envious; if that other person was seen to have clear differences the envious tendency would likely be tempered, whereas when perceived to be similar it increases the feeling of “I should have that too”, or “I should have that INSTEAD OF YOU”.

Envy is more often than not one potential symptom of a low self-esteem. Not everyone who has low self-esteem suffers from envy; but most people who are envious of others do have a low sense of self-belief and self-worth, although this may not be fully acknowledged or appreciated by the host ego.

Envy is also something which is seen more and more in the current social climate. Increasingly more value and importance is placed upon the superficial – who is going on the best holiday, or drives the biggest car, or has the best fashion sense, etc. These types of comparisons are made all of the time in modern day living; everyone wants to know what you paid for something instead of simply thinking “that’s nice”, “that’s lovely” or “I’m so pleased for you”.

Social envy is like an epidemic which is sweeping across the world. It is not something to be welcomed. It should be feared. I know that others will disagree with me when I say this, Bertrand Russell being one, because although most will acknowledge that envy causes great unhappiness, it can also be said that it at least promotes a movement towards greater social equality.

For me, I think that there must be a better way in which to achieve that equality. I believe that bad feeling begets more bad feeling, negative energy promotes still more negative energy. Surely there must be a more good-feeling, happy way in which to promote change?

When you look upon envy as a terrier which nips away at passing ankles, what is that passer-by most likely to do? Will they bend down and try to pet the terrier, or will they turn tail and flee, of kick out at those aggressive canine fangs? Let’s face it, it’s rather unlikely that they will be tempted to share their dinner with that snarling creature or take them home for a cozy night in front of the fire!

When it boils down to it, envy is a negative emotion which attacks its host and its recipient. And when one is being attacked they either fight back or erect their armor. This does nothing to build the self-esteem of the envious person. Rather, its fragile presence will tend to crumble and dissolve. A negative cycle can easily ensue.

The way out is to step back and look at different ways in which to build self esteem; to come to understand that every single person is unique and individual. There is a place for everyone; everyone has their role and is on their own path. They aren’t living their life just to torment you or to be compared to you. They are living their life and you are living yours.

Sometimes this type of deep rooted change in perception requires a little effort upon your part. And you also require the correct tools. Hypnosis is the best place in which to start.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation which is normal and natural. Hypnosis relaxes you and accesses your subconscious mind, the part of your mind where instinctive negative thoughts and behaviors may have managed to wriggle in and gnaw away at your energy and positive resources. With hypnosis downloads you can oust the negative and nurture the positive and this is the very best recipe for living a comfortable life within a comfortable world.

Hypnosis is in fact a ‘mental anti-biotic” of enormously successful magnitude; you really can be cleansed of toxic mental bacteria and move forwards in life with powerful confidence and a comfortable sense of self-esteem.

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