Are You considering the Possibilities or the Probabilities?

During a recent conversation with a client of ours the direction of the conversation turned to the area of “what if”. I remember when my kids were small and they use to always ask me “what if this happens?” or “what are we going to do if the roof caves in”, etc. It seems some people continue on the thought pattern of “what if” for a multitude of issues in their lives.

For instance, someone could be experiencing a great moment or relationship in their lives. Then for some reason thoughts enter their minds about “what if someone better comes along” or “this isn’t real” or “I don’t deserve this now”. What is the reason that keeps people from enjoying and feeling worthy of the great things in life?

What are you thinking about concerning the many opportunities in your life? Are you thinking about the possibilities or the probabilities involved with them? Albert Einstein was teaching at Oxford in the early 1940s. He had just given a physics exam to a group of students and his teaching assistant asked him if he really gave the same exact exam from the previous year to the same students. Einstein answered “Yes, I gave them the same exam, but the answers have changed!”

What answers are changing for you from last year? Are the things happening now in your life something you would have considered a possibility or a probability a year ago? Whenever we let ourselves plan and consider a possibility and write it down as a goal or a plan there is a better than 90% chance of it actually happening. If we let probabilities dictate the direction of our dreams and lives, things like “might or could”, then nothing gets done or moves forward.

Take some time today to write out some possibilities for yourself. Let your imagination go toward places and things you never gave yourself permission to go before. In reality, what has happened more in your life-the possibilities or the probabilities? If you said the probabilities it might be because you have never given the possibilities room to breathe in your life.

The most successful people around are always thinking about possible business opportunities. They don’t waste their time with what will probably happen if this deal doesn’t happen or product doesn’t work out. They look at what is possible to do next.

Many times people are just too caught up in their own little world to consider other possibilities to a challenge that someone on the outside might be able to help them with. An observer with a keen eye can often spot the most lucrative possibilities and let the probabilities take a one way vacation to never-never land.

To find your observer, look for someone that is trained as a consultant or coach and is not necessarily in your usual business setting. Sometimes the people that are caught up in your same world will have the same exact outlooks. This might not be exactly what you need to see the possibilities in new opportunities in business and life.