Are You Clear?

There is something that I have observed for a long time. Think about it and decide if it’s something that you too have observed.

When it comes to problems, shortcomings, failures and all the negative things in life, there are a lot of people who seem to be able to relate and talk about those things in exquisite detail! Even if it’s something that happened in the past, people seem to remember it and repeat it as if it happened only a few minutes ago.

But, if you were to ask these same people where they are headed in life and what the future holds for them, you would usually, at best, get a vague, short answer like, “Oh, just hoping for the best; maybe retire when I’m 65.”

Take a step back for a moment and think about it. What’s wrong with this picture? Why are people eloquent and excited with many clear details about negative situations, instead of being eloquent and excited about the things that really matter? When it comes to the future of their own lives, why don’t they have a clear vision?

If you have ever wondered why people are so negative and unsuccessful, this is the answer! They have trained their minds to focus on negative situations and have chosen to not focus on their future and their unlimited potential for success.

Here’s an example: a flat tire. That is certainly not a positive situation. However, one person may not even mention the event, or if he does, it’s just a passing remark, like, “Yeah, had a flat.”

But for someone else, you better look out! You’re going to get a 20 minute story of what happened before the tire went flat, blaming everyone who is at fault over the flat tire, explaining how the tire company doesn’t make tires like they should, and the roads are in such poor shape, and idiots just throw things in the road, and on and on it goes.

Then, after all of that comes the part about the actual changing of the tire and all the negative things that surrounded it. They might say the jack is hard to get to, complain about those lousy lug nuts, tell you about sweating so much out in the heat, and complain that it took so long, and so on. You get the point.

Now, compare all of those negative statements to someone who just says, “Oh yeah, had a flat.”

Constantly focusing on negatives will train your mind to look for and evaluate circumstances and situations from a negative point of view. The glass will always look half empty. But, even more importantly, if you continue to focus on negatives, you will attract more negatives into your life.

So, what kind of future can you expect? The results that you receive will depend on whatever you are consistently focusing on, either negative or positive. Your future is your choice.

Instead of getting wrapped up in all the negatives around you, get a clear picture of where you want your life to go. Call it your goals, dreams or whatever you like. Just be sure to have a picture so clear in your mind that you could describe it to others with great passion and in great detail.

Remind yourself daily of exactly what you desire. Repeat that specific desire to yourself every day, with passion and emotion! Keep the picture crystal clear. There will always be “flat tires.” Deal with them, forget them, and move on. Why waste your brain power thinking about negative situations that are already over and done with? Instead, focus on the positive things around you.

Do whatever you need to do to keep your vision alive by keeping the focus of your desire crystal clear.