Are You Aware Of The FDA Warnings On Fleet Phospho Soda?

In December 2008, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against the use of Fleet Phospho Soda, an over-the-counter laxative. In connection to this, Visicola and OsmoPrep, the prescription versions of the drug were required to use the black box to warn users of associated risks.

Fleet Phospho is routinely given to patients in preparation for colonoscopy procedures. It was supposed to be considered safe and effective. Its ingredients are monobasic sodium phosphate, mohohydrated and dibasic sodium phosphate heptahydrate.

Consumers who used Phospho Soda Bowel prep suffered various side effects, which included rectal bleeding, constipation, seizures, ulcers and sores around the rectum, drowsiness, mood changes, loss of appetite and nausea.

Others have also experienced vomiting, irregular heart rate, limited or lacking urination, swelling, weight gain and shortness of breath. The most severe of side effects is Acute Phosphate Nephropathy, APN, which occurs in connection with the use of oral sodium phosphate, OSP, and begins with the formation of crystals in the renal tubules.

Lengthen use of Fleet Phospho resulted to severe damage on kidney, most cases required organ transplants. The absence of dialysis and transplants may lead to death. Osmo Prep has also many life-threatening side effects.

Dr. Janet Woodcock, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research commented that there are serious adverse effects associated with the use of oral sodium phosphates whether prescribed or bought over-the-counter.

There are even circumstances in which the APN was diagnosed in patients whom were very unlikely to develop kidney damage. Many of the patients were dehydrated before their ingestion of OSP products or failed to drink sufficient fluids after its ingestion.

Acute Phosphate Nephropathy often occurs after using OSP products. At most, individuals with pre-existing conditions are most likely to manifest the malady. Risk factors include people who have eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Other risk factors are advanced age, hypertension, inflammatory bowel disease or colitis, heart disease, perforated bowel, and bowel obstruction.

After the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against C.B., Fleet Company, conducted a complete recall of Fleet Phospho-Soda. Following the advisory of the FDA, a few Fleet Phospho-Soda lawsuits were settled, helping numerous consumers receive compensation for their health damages.

Because the Fleet Soda warnings on the initial over-the-counter variation of the drug did not specify the severity of side effects, the drug is now only available with a doctor’s prescription.

Following the recall, many individuals have come out to find an experienced Fleet Phospho Soda lawyer to handle the lawsuit against the C.B. Fleet Company.

Since 2004, more than 150 Phospho Soda and Visicol lawsuit filings have been accomplished. In February 2009, a product liability lawsuit was filed on behalf of three women who all suffered from Acute Phosphate Nephropathy days and weeks after they used the product.

If you have also experienced the symptoms or have been diagnosed of Acute Phosphate Nephropathy, or know someone who does, there are lawyers who are willing to determine your eligibility for compensation.

These lawyers who are seasoned with similar lawsuits can effectively represent you to the court.