Are You Asking For Things And Then Telling The Universe ‘No Thanks!’? Part 1

Do you ask for things and then tell the Universe ‘no thanks!’?

Recently on the front page of yahoo! was this headline: “NYC cabbie returns bag of diamond rings” and instantly I thought ‘Did he just tell the Universe “No thanks!”?’

The story read like this:

NEW YORK – Never mind diamonds – a New York cabbie was a Texas girl’s best friend. The driver returned 31 diamond rings he found in his cab after dropping off the passenger, who had left him with a 30-cent tip on a $10.70 fare.

“All my life, I tried to be honest,” said Osman Chowdhury, a native of Bangladesh. “Today is no different.”

But the 41-year-old cabbie from Queens did have a message: “I’m proud of what I did so that people know New York taxi drivers are honest.” What he did started on Monday evening, when he picked up the woman at a hotel in midtown Manhattan and drove her to an apartment building several blocks away. She gave him $20 to pay the fare and asked for $9 back.

The woman, who said she was a jeweler, got back the gems on Monday when she arrived at the alliance office around midnight — incredulous at her luck. She offered Chowdhury a reward — a check for $100.

“I cannot take a penny for being honest,” he said, but he reluctantly accepted the money to cover the fares he lost while trying to track her down.

He said it never occurred to him to keep the diamonds.

Now I think that’s a really horrible message to be sending to the Universe!

Here is why: The Law of Attraction is always in action – every single minute, day, night, weekend, and holiday, and you can only attract into your life the things that are inline with who you are. Your thoughts create your experiences.

Now that we’ve got that covered, it’s really great that this guy gave the diamonds back to a jeweler and the jeweler gave him $100, but what was he doing to attract these diamonds being left behind in the first place?…

I can imagine he drove his taxi every day and he picked up people to and from and he got bad tips like this lady was giving (30 cents – wow you can buy your lunch with that tip alone). Now I can imagine that at the end of the day this guy goes home to his wife and thinks ‘Man I need to make more money…God/Universe send me more money. My kids need tuition, we need a new car, the mortgage needs to be paid, we need new coats, my wife is pregnant…it’s cold out here, wish I could have a different job’…Every day he thought ‘I need a way to get more money, maybe I could work more hours, put my life at risk driving all hours of the night and day.’ So this guy thinks the thoughts, starts doing the actions he believes will help…So because God/Universe always gives us our heart’s desires, he sends along this lady – who makes jewelry for a living – to get in his cab and leave 31 diamonds in his cab.

Now to get into this situation the jeweler probably wanted to make less money or had some thought about losing money in 2007 or some other thought, because really, who has 31 diamonds rings at a point where you can leave them in a cab?

If you truly believe in the Law of Attraction then you have to believe that both these people are attracting to themselves these events and circumstances through their thoughts. Now if you had driven up to this man and gave him a roll of $100’s’ he would have still told you ‘No thanks!’ He is in reality telling the Universe how the money he has asked for can be delivered to him. He is basically saying ‘If I get this money any other way except working hard my answer is no!’: “I cannot take a penny for being honest,” he said, but he reluctantly accepted the money to cover the fares he lost while trying to track her down.

We hear about this every day – someone finds money in a coat pocket with no name, no number and they turn it into the police. We are restricting how the Universe can deliver what we have asked for!

We tell people and you hear it all around ‘Write it down, visualize it, act as if you have it’, but you hear very few things about when the Universe sends it to you. If you’ve asked for a car, are you open to someone giving it to you today? If you are asking for money, are you open to finding it on the back seat of your cab, in the lost belt, in a briefcase at the side of the road?…Or are you only open to getting it by hard work and a bonus on your paycheck?

Are you more programmed to give than to receive? If you read this story and all you could think of was to say ‘Wow, honest guy!’ you may need to rethink your programming and consider have you really been turning away the things the Universe has sent because you don’t like how it was packaged?!

Are you asking for things then telling the Universe ‘No thanks!’?