Are you Answering the Call?

Do you know that you are being called to greatness, your greatness, at this moment? You are being called to your greatness not only at this moment but every moment of every day?

Your greatness is what you must be and do to feel fully alive. What is that? The answer is to be found within you.

Before you read on I invite you to tune in and listen within – right now and from now on. Listen within for that inner sense or inner knowing that is calling you. Read on…

The call to greatness comes in large and small ways. In our lifetime we will receive many calls. All are leading us toward greater aliveness. Some ways the call comes are:

* By a gentle inner nudge

* From a deep desire of our heart

* By a seemingly impossible dream

* We are called by the “still, small voice” within us

* Or by a strong, insistent knowing

We also receive wake up calls that come in the form of illness, the break-up of a relationship, loss of a job or clients, significant decrease in income or the passing of a loved one.

The call can be a subtle message – “Do this instead” when you are considering a different direction.

And it can be something so grand as to take your breath. When this has happened to you – and it has – you’ve probably said to yourself or to whatever is calling, “Who me? You must be thinking of someone else.”

How do you think Joan of Arc felt when she heard the call? When she was 13 years old, Joan (Jeanne) first heard the call to “SAVE FRANCE!” When the voice became insistent that she do so now, she said, “Yes” and though her leadership France was saved.

Your call is just right for you. You may not ever receive a call as big as Joan of Arc. Or there might be something even bigger for you. Whatever you are called to be or do, it is yours and yours alone.

We each and all have our unique path in life and each one is as important as any other in the grand scheme of things. They all work together for both our individual good and the greater good.

There is nothing more important than that you say “yes” to the path that you are called to take. Your aliveness is at stake. And whether you know it or not, others are waiting for you.

Listen… What is it that you have to be or do to feel fully alive?

Just say “yes” and the way will open before you!

Are You Ready…
…to step into your greatness?