Are you afraid?

I have recently been lucky enough to start working as an intern coach with the Dax Moy, the u.k’s number one fitness coach.

Dax is a real dynamo and just bursting with ideas. To say that I am very happy and excited would be an almighty understatement!

Dax was addressing some of his team on Friday, and the things he was saying really challenged me and were scary!

You see, what really stunned me, was the fact that here I was (little ole me!) listening to a man who charges, and gets, £130 an hour for his personal coaching services, has two successfull fitness studios, copies of his magic 100 book (check it out for yourself) sold over $100,000 in nine days!, has a personal mentoring system where people pay just under three thousand pounds to listen to Dax speak, plus many more achievements too numerous to go into here, was basically telling us (and me!) how we can do the same, and for free! Wow!

Come on. This is amazing. I could hardly believe it. But you know what? I got scared. First I got excited though. I mean, so enthused with the power of opportunity and potential I saw, that I started tapping my toes, and “jiggling” my pen, I couldn’t stay still! I felt the energy (or for those of you that remember the adventures of He-Man, “ I have the power!”.) But then, it slowly dawned on me.

I thought to myself, (cue thought bubbles) this is really it, it’s now or never. This really is my chance. I can make a positive difference. “My boat has come in”, or “my numbers have come up!”, whatever cliché you want to use, I felt it in that moment.

I realised that I was scared, not really of failure (besides, not really believing we “fail” at anything, only not giving our all or of not being commited enough, or it just was not meant to be) because I’m techniqualy “failing” all ready as I’m not at that level yet, but I’m actually more scared of success! How absurd!

The very thing I think about all the time, the dreams I have, the ease at which I picture myself living, these things I was actually, at some level, scared to achieve!

This really provoked me and challenged me, as I’m sure you can imagine. I promised myself that, there could be no more excuses, if I can’t learn from the number 1 guy in my industry, who can I learn from?!

At this very point in time I, indeed, all of us, can make active choices to change our lot in life. Yeah, I know, life gets “messy” . There will always be “something” stopping us. By crikey, at the time of writing, I’ve recently become engaged, and moving into a new property and have started working for Dax Moy, all after a nasty motorcar accident on the motorway!

I really feel that we get these “pointer’s” or “turning points” in life. It is up to us to both recognize them and then to take action. I challenge you then, dear reader, as I do myself, let us put off greatness any longer. Throw off the shackles of doubt and restraint, let us walk as giants above men, let us seize opportunity and realise joy and prosperity.

And why not? Why not you, living in plenty and abundance? Why not you, and me, being happy in our work and our lives? I think we have all been putting our greatest selves on hold for too long now. I for one, will no longer.

It is an exciting time friends. It is a good time to be alive. Let us be positive, help each other where we can and strive for excellence (Dax told me that excellence is becoming better, bit by bit, day by day, cheers Dax!) for time is short so we must now go for it.

I hope this call to action has inspired you, it certainly has done for me!

I wish you nothing but the very best of success, now, and in the very near future. Keep in touch, and tell me your highs and achievements along your path to greatness.

We can all learn from each other. Dream greatly, dare yourself to achieve, believe you are special (we all are you know) and enjoy this amazing dance of life.

To your success and happiness.