Are you afraid to make mistakes?

Making mistakes are a big part of life, right? So why do you avoid making them? Usually mistakes are where you learn and grow the most. However, you spend most of your time avoiding them, hence, not allowing yourself to grow. Fear of failing and not wanting to make a mistake stop you from playing a big in life.

I especially notice this pattern in high achiever or the perfectionists personalities, people like me. Often playing small is predictable, so you know what to expect. Playing big means more risks and definitely room for more mistakes. This used to scare me and I would always play games I knew I could win. Avoiding making mistakes and playing small has its rewards. First of all, playing small is predictable and safe. Secondly, when you play small you usually always win which makes you look good. However, there are costs to not allowing yourself to be in situations where you can make mistakes such as excitement, self-expression, confidence, growth, and living the extraordinary.

What I have come to accept is that making mistakes is a critical part in living an extraordinary fulfilled life. I feel freedom, power, and confidence in myself because I choose to play big and risk making mistakes. Now I look forward to making mistakes because I know that I will learn from them. Making mistakes teaches me what not to do and gets me closer to winning.

Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes and you will naturally start to play a bigger more exciting game in life. Your confidence will naturally grow because you will start to see how much you are capable of creating and handling in your life.

Remember last week when I wrote about taking responsibility? This topic ties into that, often times, you do not want to make mistakes because you do not want to be blamed for something that went wrong. This view puts you on the defense, because you see it as if you are the one to blame and it’s all your fault. Remember when you make a mistake that you created the outcome, you can also create a different outcome that works.

Don’t be afraid to admit your mistake and own it. When you take responsibility for your mistake you are giving yourself the power to create a new opportunity for success. The best thing you can do for yourself is accept you are going to make mistakes and that mistakes are part of being successful.

Your assignment for this week: Think about some games in your life where you are playing small. Come up with new ways you can play bigger game. Accept that you will make mistakes and expect them. When you do encounter a mistake remind yourself you can handle whatever comes your way and this is how it looks when you are playing big!

Copyright (c) 2007 Melisa Milonas LLC