Are You a “Pleaser”?

Do you remember the scenes from the movie “Runaway Bride” where Richard Gere, in his role as reporter, asks each of Julia Robert’s ex-fianc├ęs which way she liked her eggs cooked? Each gentleman provided a different answer, each time indicating that Julia liked her eggs cooked in the same way that he liked them best.

In any good relationship there is a natural give and take, a blending of wishes and a blending of habits. Usually we want to get on the same wave length, and we tend to mirror each other’s actions, usually unconsciously; it just happens. This is only to be expected seeing as we learnt so very many things by watching, mimicking and copying. This is how we learned to talk and walk and how we came by our accents and the language which we speak. We learn to do everything through this type of experience, and so it would be extremely odd if we just stopped absorbing the things which we see or hear. We are inherently adaptable; we have had to be as a matter of survival.

But there are certain limits. There comes a point where we stick with certain thoughts and habits. No matter what we see around us we react in accordance with our own internal beliefs and expectations. We are not to be swayed. This can sometimes be extremely helpful whilst at other times it can be a hindrance and even become a barrier to our happiness and success. Our own sense of self worth dictates our actions. Our own internal levels of confidence dictate our actions.

Reverting to the movie, the person who Julia Roberts played came to realize that she had no real sense of self, that she spent all of her time trying too hard to please. In doing this she was the one who always ended up being the one who adapted to the other as opposed to there being a natural give and take, a natural blend of both people’s behavior and tastes. This in turn had led her to have less and less sense of self. She had to step back, take time on her own, and then she finds out who she was and what she wanted…and how she liked her eggs cooked!

Do you know who you are? Really know who you are and what you want? Are you happy and confident how you are and do you create good relationships? If not, you too can take a step back and identify the things which you may wish to change. Everyone can change so long as they want to and are committed to their goals. Hypnosis makes the process of change a whole lot easier and quicker.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation which allows access to your subconscious mind. Hypnosis therefore makes it easier to make changes to the inner workings of your mind, to those unconscious patterns of thought and behavior that you might otherwise have been stuck with for the rest of your days. Everyone can learn to use hypnosis simply by listening to hypnosis downloads. You can learn to relax and access the inner workings of your mind and discover your real self-worth. You can enable the “real” you to “pop out” with the help of hypnosis confidence downloads.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis confidence downloads.