Are You a Doormat

Many years ago I read about a group of people who called themselves the “DOORMATS.” Their name was an acronym for “Dependent Organization Of Really Meek And Timid Souls”. If memory serves me, this people evolved from the ideas of one man who wrote a book entitled “Cower Power”.

I am not sure if they were a club or a religious organization, but their motto was derived from Matthew 5:5, with a bit of a humorous twist. It read “the meek shall inherit the earth, if that is okay with everybody else.” Their satirical view of this passage of scripture is typical of the misconception that to be meek is to be weak. By focusing on the absurd, they undermine the truth and applicability of what God was saying.

Conversely, there are those who go to the opposite extreme. They claim that meekness is “strength under control”. This too is a misconception because it is only partially correct. Meekness is actually “me under control”. Submission, rather than strength is what brings that control to fruition. Jesus was the perfect example of true meekness. He was submissive to the Father’s will, all the time, every time. He willingly subordinated his own will to the Father (i.e. “not my will, but thine”, etc.).

The late Matthew Henry, scholarly Theologian and commentator, was once attacked and mugged on a dark street. When asked for comments on his experience, he thoughtfully pondered what his response might be and then said “I am thankful.”

Seeing the puzzled look on the reporters faces, he added “I am thankful for four things. I am thankful that while they robbed me of what I had, they did not rob me of my life. I am thankful that I had something worth robbing. I am thankful that while they took all that I have, it was not very much. And I am thankful that it was I who was robbed and not I who robbed.”

Matthew Henry understood what it was to be meek. He could have railed on the hooligans who assaulted him. He could have addressed the ills of society and the need for more police presence. He could have made a political statement about the security of the city. Instead, he gave thanks to God. He submitted his own will and thinking to that of the Lord.

Meekness begins with “me” and is realized when I am under Christ’s control.