Are Women Unintentionally Stunting their Career?

There are a sufficient number of studies out there that suggest the most commonly received criticism by men about their female colleagues is that they tend to exhibit lower levels of self confidence.

However, many other studies counter these claims by saying that this may also be a perception issue. It is often found that men assume that a woman’s inclination to share credit or defer a judgment is due to her lack of confidence.

Said that, the study also revealed the following:

1. Across all age groups, men exhibited to be more confident. 70% of male professionals tend to have a high or very high level of self-confidence, where in women this number ranges around 50%.

2. Also, 50% of the women admitted to feeling of self-doubt when it comes to their professional choices but only 31% of the men were reported to feel the same way.
Such feelings subsequently result in women taking a more cautious approach towards applying for promotions or new jobs. Such attitudes evidently impact careers for women in an unfavorable manner.

Progress on women jobs have been increasingly stunting because of the following reasons-

1. Being Overly Modest: It has been often find that men end to more willing to take credit in public over their success. Individuals pursuing jobs for women believe that their accomplishments will speak for themselves. This means that they spend less time and effort in getting that gold star by their name. While it is always good to be modest, it is rather naïve to assume that your efforts and accomplishments will be recognized in spite of you flying under the radar.

2. Feeling Afraid of Asking: It is highly a highly common occurrence on jobs for women in America where they just won’t get promoted because they fail to step up and make an application. Women find it too risky to ask for a bigger job or assignment; but the fact of the matter is that there is no other way to do it. By not asking, you are essentially losing a golden opportunity to influence your career.

3. Avoiding Attention: Many women make significant efforts towards trying to blend in, in such a way that they are able to avoid attention. They are more comfortable by not standing out in meetings, in the board room and even in the office building elevator. Many women have admitted to fears such as being in an elevator with a superior, partner or a CEO. However, remember that blending in means that you are missing out on opportunities every day to make an impression, get heard and sell your ideas.

4. Not saying Anything: While it is not an easy task to make yourself heard during a meeting where there are 10 other colleagues with 10 different ideas. But not speaking up and expressing yourself is another missed chance to make an impression and getting in the game. Getting your point across, especially during critical discussions is important for your career.
Finding professional progress as a woman is more than just adding job skills. It is about altering everyday attitudes, thoughts and behaviors.