Through the turmoil of the last century, at least in the Western world, women have won the battle of recognition, acceptance and toleration, and been allowed input into politics and the running of society. But what we have failed to recognise is the cost to us as feminine beings.

This battling however has taken its toll in such a subtle way, creeping up on us in ways which are unimaginable.As we women assume masculine burdens we take on male characteristics to fit the job. Thus deprived of femininity and gentleness as
our new male responsibility adds stress, strain and worry to our lives, our serenity vanishes and eventually our families suffer.

As a consequence, many of us are living a life of painful self-enforced singledom, or as single parents, lying to ourselves and to others that we are fulfilled, when what we desire above all is to live in our authenticity with those who love us, protect us, cherish us, encourage us, respect us and contribute to our wholeness! We are not
supposed to be living in isolation and solitude; it goes against the laws of nature.

Women all over the world are now changing shape, voices are deepening and hormone levels are fluctuating to such a degree that many are finding it difficult to conceive.

Our feminine mystique is being shattered into smithereens by the media as our most personal, intimate bodily functions and methods to rectify them are splattered over cinema and television screens and journals, destroying any mystery or romantic illusions men had about women..

Young women are leaving it so late to have babies as their desire for financial gain and career status have overtaken the wisdom of the body, and many now are simply too frightened of the idea of pain during labour. According to latest statistics, the number of women having natural births has fallen below 50% for the first time.
Many women are opting for ‘designer babies’ and caesarean section rather than following their natural ancestral energy and instinct in giving birth.

We are bleeding our female energy into the earth, instead of healing it. It is time for a re-birthing; it is time for us to re-parent ourselves.

How we view ourselves and how we view others, dictates the way the world runs. All the earth is craving femininity – we have lived with such intense male energy for many centuries, and the earth is now crying out.

We need to assert our feminine energy and intrinsic potency, not our masculine force to make the difference; to continue to develop as the talented, extraordinarily powerful women we have the capability of becoming. We need to do it in a feminine way, using our feminine essence, working from feminine values, not trying to be men in frocks.

©Susie Heath