Are Things Working Out for You? Three Simple and Life Changing Keys for Success with Ease

“Things are always working out for me” was the core of a daily quote from Abraham I got a while back! Imagine living your life knowing that is true. If you did what would be different for you?

“Knowing” is key in this equation. Because the truth is, things are always working out for you. If you are willing to believe that things are always working out for you and get into the habit of looking for ways that this is true, you will find evidence every day in both large and small ways. You will come to experience the truth of this – it is sweet experience that will change your life.

Where Do I Start?

There are three simple keys to experience how things are always working out for you as a way of life. I suggest you start with the mantra, “Things are always working out for me.”

Mantras are words or phrases that people resonate with and repeat regularly. They carry a powerful vibration that can transform your consciousness over time. I find the energy of this mantra to be joyful, light and subtly powerful. In addition to repeating it as you think of it, also try writing it down first thing in the morning.

The next key is in the second paragraph. Be willing to believe. I don’t say “believe” first, because willing something to be true doesn’t always work. There are reasons for this that have to do with subconscious fear and beliefs at work.

Trying to will belief into being can create big resistance from fears and limiting beliefs. Besides that you don’t need to work hard at this.

Willingness to believe is much easier. Willingness is like taking off the armor of resistance. It is also the key which opens the door of possibility to a different way. The energy of willingness is similar to the energy of allowing. Our good is always at the door ready to come in, or out. Sometimes it’s as simple as allowing it to do so.

The third key is also in the second paragraph – look for evidence of how things “are” working out for you. A willingness to believe that things are working out for you and then looking for evidence that this is true can transform your life from one of effort and struggle to one of ease and joy.

Sometimes the evidence may require putting on a different pair of glasses. What could have looked like things not working out is actually the universe at work for you. I took my car in today for a check up before a 2900 mile drive to my new home in Tucson. The trunk is packed with boxes I am taking.

The manager right away found an unexpected leak in the engine that could be too serious as to repair. While I could have interpreted this as things not working out, I realized that I was being taken care of to discover the problem here rather than while on the road. “Things are always working out for me.”

Sometimes the evidence is obvious. When I checked my voice mail later, I had a message from a friend who had been told by another friend what was going on with my car. She has just bought a new car and offered to give me the one she had been driving which is in excellent mechanical condition. She had been planning to donate it but hadn’t yet. I became the recipient. Whatever the news is about my car, I will be driving to Tucson without delay. “Things are always working out for me.”

If you use these 3 simple keys, you can and will change your life. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” The truth is things are always working out for you.

Step Into Your Greatness and notice how things are always working out for you.