Are There Side Effects For Spider Vein Treatment

Are there any side effects from spider vein treatment? There are a few but most people do not experience it. Just the same, you should know what could happen.

The first side effect is hyper pigmentation which occasional develops when the vein is injected. Fortunately, it does not that long and it normally fades. Since your skin will turn dark, one way to prevent people from seeing it is to wear pants or apply bleaching cream.

It is also possible that an inflammation will occur for a few days after the procedure. Doctors that perform on patients say that this is also normal because things will look worse before they get any better. You just have to bear with it.

Your skin may not turn dark but it can become reddish. This happens when multiple veins develop around the injection site.

The last spider vein treatment side effect is deep vein thrombosis. Of the four mentioned this is very rare and when it does happen, the patient will feel pain and the veins will be red, swollen and engorged.

If you experience any of these side effects, it is best to call your doctor immediately so he or she can come over and examine it further.

Doctors will always do their best to prevent complications and side effects like these from occurring. One of the things they do is let you answer a questionnaire and you have to answer it truthfully. You will also need to undergo a physical exam because you may or may not have spider veins but something more serious.

Patients who have circulatory problems, diabetes, heart condition or a blood born disease like hepatitis or AIDS are also not allowed because these people have the tendency to bleed or have poor healing.

If you experienced a blood clot in the past, the doctor will not say no right away so you still have a shot since this is decided on a case to case basis depending on the cause of the clot.

Women who are pregnant or are breast feeding are also not allowed to undergo this procedure because it could contaminate the milk which is fed to the infant and in some cases, spider veins go away on their own once the female gives birth. In both cases, the patient will just have to see the doctor later on if she still wants this done normally after three months.

You should avoid certain activities and taking certain things a week before surgery to prevent any problems. This includes not taking any medication especially antibiotics and not applying any lotion especially in the areas where the doctor will work on.

The side effects of spider vein treatment are minimal and in some cases very rare which is why sclerotherapy which was widely used in Europe has made its way to the US and doctors here have been performing this procedure for more than a decade.

You just have to find a licensed practitioner who will be able to perform this procedure safely so you can go out and show your legs. This could even make you look younger so you will feel good about yourself which is perhaps the best thing about this form of spider form treatment.