Are Some Psychic Reading Really A Scam

In any walk of life there are those who would take your money and feed you bologna. You can protect yourself from con artists who promise you a true psychic reading and give you nothing you can use in the end.

– The first thing to do is to listen with your intuition, or ‘gut’ if you go into a reading and it doesn’t feel right, break it off immediately and leave.

– Make it known to the Universe that you want to know the truth, this in itself will help to guide you to a reputable psychic reader.

– Do not offer any personal information when you are getting a psychic reading, con artists will try to glean information from you to flesh out the reading.

When you are attuned with the other side you will know by that strange, sinking feeling in your solar plexis (gut) that all is not right with a particular reading. This will tell you the reading is not genuine and you are wasting your time.

Some online and phone psychic readings will give you the first few minutes of a reading free. This should be enough time for you to tell if the reading is a true reading. Even a true psychic may get a few wires crossed and I don’t know anyone who is 100% accurate every time. They are human, after all, and not a perfect receptor. If you feel the reading is not accurate you need to terminate it and try another time.

Here are some tips on spotting the scams that con artists use:

1. The psychic reader will waste a good deal of the reading talking about trivial things that are not provable. The names of your guardian angels may be brought up. If this is brief there is no worry, but if the reader goes on about this subject there is something wrong.

2. The Psychic tells about you, your future, and your life but it does not sound right or make sense to you. You need to use common sense when listening to the advice of a psychic reader. If you a janitor from Detroit, and the psychic tells you that within a year you will be CEO of General Motors, walk away.

3. The psychic reader describes your future in only the most general terms. If you are a young man they may tell you that you will meet a woman, but do not tell you what she looks like or give only a vague description, you are probably not dealing with a true psychic.

4. The psychic reader tells you about your life and it is all wrong. This is not accurate and if you think the psychic is true but just having an off day, listen to the rest of the reading if you choose, but do not take the reading to heart and act upon it.

5. True psychics are not in it for the money, many of them do not charge a fee but ask for a donation. The more famous psychics may charge a large fee, but they are sought after much more than the psychic in your town. There is no reason for them to charge a lot of money.