Are Shy Guys Good To Date?

Some girls ask the question “are shy guys good to date?” The answer is, absolutely…if YOU are good to date yourself!

You see, you must view the dating relationship as a process of give as well as take. That is, don’t see a date as a chance to take advantage of someone else’s lack of assertiveness.

If you give the shy guy a chance, I think you will find that he can be very good to date.

At its worst, shy people are severely handicapped in our competitive society. But if the shy guy is under assertive, perhaps it is because he is around people who are overly assertive. Maybe we should ask ourselves who are the real misfits? At the very least, I think you will find that shy guys are unlikely to be bullies or bores.

Shy guys are also not likely to go on and on about themselves. Furthermore, they are not likely to be pushy or aggressive,. They will likely go out of their way to open doors for girls and to engage in the other social niceties. Shy guys can indeed be gentlemen.

You may need to push them a little harder to get them to talk. Also, sometimes shyness can be “catching.” That is, someone’s shyness might rub off on you a little. So you might have to push extra hard to keep the conversation going.

Have you ever been around someone who is angry or belligerent? Didn’t that tend to get your blood pressure up as well? Or perhaps you know someone who always seems depressed. Isn’t it a downer being around them sometimes? Similarly, the emotional state of shyness can rub off on people, and some people just can’t take it.

On the other hand, you may appreciate being around someone who doesn’t monopolize the conversation and gives you a chance to talk about yourself as well.

Keep these points in mind and I think you will find that the answer to the question “Are shy guys good to date?” is a resounding “Yes!”