Arbol Biloba Ginkgo

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Ginkgo biloba in Spanish is called Arbol sagrado oder Arbol de los 40 escudos. Roughly translated this means Arbol sacred order Arbol of the 40 shields. Arbol biloba ginkgo is the oldest living tree in the world. It was around when dinosaurs first roamed the earth. And 200 million or so years later, arbol biloba ginkgo has far outlived its Jurassic counterparts. Arbol biloba ginkgo tree is considered as the living fossil. This gymnosperm has been considered as the link that can explain the evolution process between the lower and higher plants or the ferns and the conifers. And it has been used to treat ailments for thousands of years. It has become widely used medicine in china 5,000 years ago until now. Arbol biloba ginkgo has generated much interest and curiosity this day especially about its medicinal effects. And rightly so.

Arbol biloba ginkgo tree can reach a towering height of 30 meters of height with leaves characteristics in the shape of hand. The arbol biloba ginkgo seeds are toxic. The Arbol biloba gingko cultivated in Spain are generally of oriental origin are now being cultivated and distributed worldwide. Arbol biloba ginkgo has gained immense popularity especially in Europe. Arbol biloba ginkgo is the most utilized medicinal plant today. Arbol biloba ginkgo contains flavonoids or flavoglucosidos that has important and potent antioxidant ingredients. And also, arbol biloba ginkgo has terpenoids which contain ginkgolides that is mainly responsible for the control of platelet activating factor (PAF). More than 100 active substances are present in the leaves of arbol biloba ginkgo.

Generally, arbol biloba ginkgo is used as a tonic. But arbol biloba ginkgo helps in enhancing memory and brain functions too. Arbol biloba ginkgo has atribuído properties afrodisiacas that can stimulate sexual appetite and serves as an antidote to infertility. Arbol biloba ginkgo’s antioxidant can scavenge free radicals that will cause premature aging. Arbol biloba ginkgo also serves a preventive supplement for cerebral thrombosis. Arbol biloba ginkgo is a cerebral tonic that gives relief on ailments caused by cerebrovascular shortage such as tinnitus, mareos, vertigo, deafness and other neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease.

Arbol biloba ginkgo leaves are collected to dry to less than 40 degrees Celsius in secadero. These arbol ginkgo leaves are then pulverized and the valuable chemicals flavonoids and terpenoids are extracted from them. There are different methods and combinations used to extract the phytochemicals employed in different countries. And these techniques are considered as trade secrets. But generally, a standard arbol biloba ginkgo supplement whether in capsule, tablet or tincture form must have 24% of flavonoids and 6% of terpenoids to get the optimum benefits of arbol biloba ginkgo.

Arbol biloba ginkgo is not only interesting being the oldest living tree in the world, it could also hold the key to man’s long search for the cure-all panacea that would allow us to live longer and healthier. To be able to withstand 200 million or so years of existence is not only phenomenal but also rare. Arbol biloba ginkgo holds the secrets which are just waiting to be explored.

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