Any Unfinished Business?

Do you have energy leaks? You know an energy leak by your losses–loss of time, loss of a feeling of control, loss of organization. An energy leak is what occurs when you are driving along and suddenly remember something that you should have done by now, or something you have forgotten. An energy leak happens when you have not taken care of a relationship is sue and now you are avoiding that person. Energy leaks fall into the category of ‘Unfinished Business’.
Procrastination is a major energy leak. So is denial. The reason many people don’t deal, or won’t deal, with this unfinished business is fear. Fear leads to doubt which leads eventually to lack of confidence. This can become an even
bigger problem as you can begin to feel out of control. This creates anxiety and soon the energy leak becomes a flood.

You can have a tremendous amount of unfinished business over the years, can’t you? Maybe it’s time to put a stop to those leaks. Sure, it will take energy, but, energy expended to stop the leaks will prevent drowning in that flood.

It will not be useful to build a damn. The maintenance of a damn is just another energy leak. You may have already tried to build a damn. You do that by simply denying that the problem, issue or request does not exist. Living in a fantasy world usually ends in disaster…or medication. Neither of those are acceptable alternatives, are they?

It will not be useful to tread water, either. You expend so much energy just trying to keep pace that, not only do you not get anywhere, you are fatigued as well. You’re frustrated, and, you’re still stuck.

The only useful approach is to have a good look at the leaks and fix them one at a time. Now this is easy if the leak is simply an unpaid parking ticket. You write the check, put it in an envelope, affix the stamp and mail it. Done! What if it is a relationship that is draining you? First, spend some time determining what changes you want. Then, ask that person if they are able or willing to meet your need. Be ready to hear both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. That’s so important. You know that you cannot force someone to change, so, you may have to be ready to change–even ready to change relationships!

Do you have issues at work? Are you in the best job for you? This can be draining your energy. Many times, difficult relationships at work are not well-managed. These are leaks, too.

What if it is an old issue that needs resolving? Do you need to apologize to someone, or ask for forgiveness? This is the time. It is draining your energy every time you think about it whether or not you think so! You know what Nike says, “Just Do It!”

>>> Sure, you may be fearful. That’s natural. It’s likely, though, that your imagination has created a much bigger obstacle than the actual event will be! Your fear is devouring too much energy. Do it! Face the music! Go through it! Be
done with it.

>>> Whatever you have been putting off or ‘forgetting’, refuse to let it drain another erg from you. Put an end to unfinished business NOW!

© Rhoberta Shaler, PhD All rights reserved.