Antquarium Ant Farms

Ant farms don’t always have to be boring and full of sand or soil. They can also be exciting and unique with new types of substances within the habitat. There are many reasons why picking an ant habitat is very important, but these reasons depend on why you are purchasing your ant farm. If you are using your ant farm in order to educate your children or classroom, than you will need one that is exciting and unique in order to gain the attention of those who want to learn. If this is your case, than there is only one type of ant habitat that you should purchase and that is the Super Antquarium Gel Habitat. This exciting and educational ant farm provides its viewers with a unique outlook on ant farms.

The one thing that really sets this ant farm apart from any other type is the fact that it is so massive and it is a gel habitat. Most ant farms use soil or sand in order to keep their ants moving, however, with the unique gel habitat, the ants are able to dig and get the nutrition they need to maintain a healthy life. This is another reason why the Super Antquarium Gel Habitat is great for classrooms, because it takes no work on your part, thus you are able to leave it overnight and over the weekends without having to worry about your ants not receiving the nutrients they need.

One of the coolest features about the gel habitat is that it was first designed by NASA to take ants into outer space. Thus the ant farm is designed to withstand the G-forces that are found when taking off into orbit as well as providing support for the ants during the harsh vibrations of landing the spaceship. The gel forms a protective layer over the ants as they dig through it, which in turn will protect them if the ant habitat is knocked over or is dropped when being carried. Normally, if you were using sand or soil, all of the tunnels are destroyed by knocking on the glass of the ant farm. If this happens, it puts your ants in danger of being crushed, however, with the gel habitat; you never have to worry about this type of incident from happening.

Of course, since this is a super-capacity ant farm, you are able to put more ants inside of the habitat than you ever though. This is absolutely wonderful seeing that it uses gel, which gives it users a unique view into the tunnels the ants dig. With the gel, you are able to receive 3D views of all the tunnels, which allow you to see the ants colony in a way that was otherwise unthinkable. The view that you will get with this massive gel ant habitat will be some of the most unique you have ever seen.

No matter why you need an ant farm, whether you are using it as a demonstration in your classroom, or if you want to teach your kids about insects and life at home, with the Super Antquarium Gel Habitat you are able to learn about ants in a fun and fascinating manner.