antique wooden high chair

Antique Wooden High Chair Care

There is a certain kind of glow in your living room if it has an antique piece of furniture in it. Not only does it give off a sense of history, it also gives off a sense of wealth. Antique furniture is very expensive, and only those who truly love fine art are able to appreciate it.

Thus, if you own an antique piece of furniture in your home, you should take all measures to make sure it is preserved.

Do not use coarse items to clean it.

This means feather dusters are out of the picture. The broken feathers could nick your antique arm chair and cause unwanted marks. While these marks can make your furniture look more antique than ever, it could open up pockets in the woodwork that can cause decay.

Spray products are a definite no-no.

Simply wiping it with a soft dry cloth will do the trick. It could take a while to get that shine you want, as opposed to simply spraying it with Pledge, but you’re sure to better preserve your antique arm chair’s quality this way. Also, if your arm chair was not really meant to by shiny, don’t force it, or you’ll just ruin its intrinsic beauty.

Clean using only wax made for antique furniture

Antique furniture is expensive, so you should only complement it with top quality products, otherwise, you’ll be defeating the purpose. There are high quality beeswax that may be imported from England. However, if you don’t have enough money to import good wax, just wipe the arm chair with a cotton cloth.

There is no such thing as ‘winging it’ with antiques

It isn’t likely that a replacement part for your antique high chair still exists to this day. If an inlay gets loose, keep it in a safe place until somebody, an expert on fixing antique furniture, comes. Do not attempt to do the reworking yourself if you have no idea how. Handle them extra carefully.

Antique furnitures have to be placed in certain temperatures only to preserve their value.

If your house is dry during the winter, you should get a humidifier. Conversely, if its too humid in the summer, you should get an air conditioner.

Antiques require meticulous care. Thus, if you are not prepared with the tedious job of maintaining them, then you shouldn’t get one. Wooden high chairs are one of the most common pieces of furniture, but finding an antique could be a challenge. Once you have one, care for it deeply like you do your favorite pet. You never know how much it can fetch you once you have it appraised.