antique wooden chair

What Is The Value Of Your Antique Wooden Chair?

There are many opposing views as to what would make a certain wooden chair an antique. Some auction houses would say that to make a certain furniture piece an antique, it would have to have been in existence for at least fifty years.

However, some argue that fifty is too short a period to give a chair a high antique equivalent value, insisting, then, that an antique should be at least a hundred years old. The American government agrees with the latter – for an item to be an antique, it should have been around for a century.

So is your wooden chair an antique, then? The answer should be simple. IF you know your chair’s age, that is. If you don’t, then you need assistance from the professionals, who will then try to determine if the wooden chair that has been passed along for years now within the family makes the cut.

It would help if your wooden chair has some sort of history attached to it. Personal family anecdotes will not make it more valuable in the market, though, unless you’re a descendant of Marie Antoinette and she has parked her behind on that particular piece of furniture at some point during her reign. But if your wooden chair has been sat on by your great great great grandfather who told the best of chicken jokes, auction buyers might not find much value in it (but your family will!).

If you’re planning to sell your wooden chair, you need to have it appraised before you put it out in the market. Simply saying it’s an antique will not give it the highest value. If your chair has original carvings and is made of first class hard wood, you may be able to fetch an attractive sum.

It should be noted at this point that simply saying that a chair is a hundred years old does not necessarily make it more valuable than the wooden chair Nelson Mandela sat on when he was imprisoned. Aside from age, a chair’s value is also determined by its use, or, in this case, its former user.

When your wooden chair is appraised, the key factors that will be considered are: age, look or design, and history. The older your chair, the higher the price; the more intricate and unique the carvings, the rate goes much higher; and when a famous person has once owned it or used it for a long time, its value skyrockets.

Thus, when you are considering getting paid for the wooden chair you have in your living room, you have to be mindful of its history (which will be fact-checked, so don’t get any nasty ideas!).

In sum, the value of your antique wooden chair will depend on the abovementioned factors. You can still get a considerable amount just because it’s old. But a little something extra wouldn’t hurt, would it?