antique oak chair

Appreciating Antique Oak Chairs

There is no doubt to the fact that oak furniture, or anything made of oak wood, is expensive. This is because it is considered as one of the finer and sturdier types of hard wood whose life span is relatively longer than most types of wood. So if you’re planning to move house soon and want to sell off all the gigantic furniture you have to help lighten the load (and to earn a little extra cash in the process), having a piece of furniture made of oak will definitely satisfy this want. And if you have antique oak furniture, you should be all the more merry.

One of the bigger furniture you can have in your house is a dining set. If you have an antique oak dining set, complete with a huge long table and a number of oak chairs, you just might be counting sums and sums of dollars on the trip to your new house.

But, first, in order for you to gain the best value for your antique oak dining set, you have to have it appraised by the right people – those who are experts at antiques and auction house mavens, of course. The value of your antique oak dining chairs and table increases depending on whether it is at least fifty or at least a hundred years old – a lot of plus points, definitely, if it exceeds a thousand.

There are some auction houses that would consider a furniture an antique if it’s 50 years old. But there are some that really require something to be at least a century old before slapping a gargantuan price tag on it. The US government favors the latter, though. And if your oak dining set has intricate carvings and unique designs, then you’re on your way to a cash bed.

So, in appraising your antique oak dining table and chairs, we answer the following questions: How old is your antique oak dining table and its chairs? How is it carved and designed? Who designed it? (another plus if it was created by somebody famous)

In addition to the above questions, you also need know if it has a significant history. By significant, we mean something like, ‘Has somebody famous or very powerful owned it before? Was the dining set present at a particularly historic event?’ Your antique oak dining set’s background will make it more valuable.

Therefore, in order to gain the maximum value out of the antique oak dining table and chairs you are trying to sell, you need to find the answers to the above four questions. Each question satisfied merits a point.

To get the best value, you need to satisfy all. Of course, as regards the set’s history, it will be fact-checked (if you’re selling via an auction house), so you can’t just make something up. However, if you’re simply getting rid of it through a garage sale, then you can sell your story to anyone who would buy them – the chair and your story.