antique dental chair

What’s The Deal With Antique Dental Chairs?

When we think of antique collectors, we think of individuals who find pleasure with old things like furniture, household ornaments, or lamps. They are the ones whose behinds are seemingly forever parked at the likes of Christie’s, in search of the next biggest and oldest thing to hit the auction list.

Antique collectors are also the ones who are most willing to pay, figuratively, an arm and a leg for a single fork from, say, the 14th century. Thus, when we find them paying the same or more for an antique dental chair, we raise our eyebrows. Sure, we understand that they might find something interesting with all old items. But antique dental chairs? What gives?

Perhaps its the novelty of having an antique dental chair to sit on that’s creating the buzz for them. After all, how many people would have antique dental chair’s in their living rooms? They would definitely make very good conversation pieces and ice breakers.

To answer the question ‘what’s the deal with antique dental chairs’, we really have no definite answer. What we do know, however, is that there are people who are willing to have them in their roster of collectible items. And that they do not mind the cost. The older the chair, the better. This leaves us wondering now. Who has the very first antique dental chair and what does it look like?

Antique dental chairs are bought not just from certified auction houses.They can also be purchased from the likes of eBay. For instance, if you do a quick eBay search for them, you will find that a number of people are selling antique Ritter dental/medical chairs for around $500.00. This is considered cheap considering it’s from the 1930s.

If you’re interested in buying antique dental chairs, the same level of caution as purchasing any other kind of antique item should be employed. If you’re an expert at antiques, appraising will probably be easy for you. But if you’re a newcomer to the hobby, then it is suggested that you seek the assistance of a professional antique appraiser so you don’t get duped.

You simply can’t judge a dental chair’s antique status by just looking at how rusty its hinges have become. You have to have its design and make analyzed to know if it truly is from at least a century back. Also, buying from eBay can also be risky. Thus, do not just rely on pictures unless you truly trust its source, or are shown a certification of its antique nature (but even this document can be faked sometimes).

There is a difference between an antique dental chair and a used dental chair. Again, do not judge the book by its cover. If you’re unsure about the value of the dental chair you’ve been eyeing on, ask for proof.