antique chinese furniture

Handling Antique Chinese Furniture

Wood is not a difficult resource to deal with, but due to its organic nature, a certain level of care is needed to help preserve its quality and make it longer lasting. And since wood is a product of a living thing, it needs an opportunity to breathe.

One of the unique characteristics of wood furniture is that it changes depending on the weather or the temperature. Extreme temperatures might cause it to split or crack. In some cases, the wood might ever warp into an odd shape. This is because it has water inside it. Thus, wood furniture has to be kept in certain temperatures, as it contracts or responds to air.

Chinese furniture makers take note of this characteristic and equip their pieces with large floating panels, which can adjust to temperature changes without compromising its surface quality. However, in extremely dry atmospheres, chinese furniture might become a little discolored; but when you put it back where it is cold, the discoloration disappears. Thus, if this is happening to your antique Chinese furniture, you shouldn’t be worried. This is normal.

How do you care for antique Chinese chair? Here are some tips:

– Do not expose them to direct sunlight.

Your antique Chinese chair’s color could fade if you expose it to too much sunlight, or any other heat source, for that matter. Thus, you should also avoid placing your antique Chinese furniture near open windows, radiators, or hot air vents. In addition, you shouldn’t place hot containers on top of it; the same goes with wet objects.

– Use a soft and dry cloth to remove the dirt off your antique chinese chair.

You should never use water to clean your antique Chinese chair. It will wear the finishing off and cause the wood to crack and decay. Also, you don’t need to apply wax too often. Again, a dry cloth is enough. It could take long to gain a certain shimmer, but it’s the best way to maintain your chair’s quality.

– Keep your antique Chinese chair out of foot traffic.

If you don’t want your antique Chinese chair to get lots of scratches, place it in a place where there is not much foot traffic. If you place it near your front door, chances are, everybody will be passing by it and causing some sort of damage.

Antique Chinese furniture, as with any other kind of antique, is expensive. Therefore, it is your duty to preserve its value by taking proper care of it.