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Antiaging Products – Allegan Prevage & Arpel

You can find a huge number of ads on antiaging products that supposedly works to reduce the signs of aging, including wrinkles, lines, splotches, sagging, crowfeet, and so on.

In reality, not all antiaging products work as the sellers claim. All sellers tend to lead the consumers into the belief that they’ve found the ultimate solution for eliminating wrinkles, however wrinkles is part of nature, therefore no product will terminate wrinkles completely.

Sure, you can get laser surgery or other antiaging surgery types that may bring back youthful appeals, however the effects of antiaging surgery will appear overtime. Thus, it is significant to find the solution for reducing wrinkles, crowfeet, lines, splotches, sagging, and acne and so on.

We should consider few reviews about the antiaging products to understand it, yet different anti-aging products utilized.

Allegan Prevage

According to few people, the rating on Allegan prevage has got excellent ratings, however others claim it has no effects. According to few reviews, the only advantages of this anti aging product is that it applies to the skin smoothly, and has made slight differences on the hand area than the face.

One person claimed that after using this antiaging product she had additional wrinkles accumulated on her face and there appeared no difference of usage of this product. The wrinkles remain in tact while using Allegan Prevage.

The cost of the antiaging product was around $80 and the product was purchased from a dermatologist. The woman felt her skin was to normal/dry and that it might have been to abrasive for her skin type.

One review claimed that after using Allegan Prevage for a month or so gave the same effect of using Vitamin C. The person claimed the product is excellent although she paid $115 for the same antiaging products that several others claimed to dry the skin.

She claimed that using Vitamin C was doing the job, yet paid for a costly product taking a change on reducing wrinkles. I think I would stick with the Vitamin C if it works, since it is a lot cheaper than most anti-aging products.

Several reviews on this product claimed they had excellent or satisfactory results, yet few claimed that the product again, dried the skin and increased wrinkles. Therefore, consider your skin type and skin problems if you are considering this product.

Another person purchased the product at a plastic surgeons administrative center paying around $110 for the product. According to review this antiaging product gave no effects, while claiming to be an excellent anti-oxidant.

Earlier to using Allegan Prevage, the person was using Kinerarase, which the person apparently enjoyed. The person used the antiaging products for a few months wit the goal in mind of reducing wrinkles.

Similar to a few other reviews this antiaging product claims to dry the skin. According to few reviews on this particular antiaging product, it seemed to grow more wrinkles rather than minimizing the wrinkles.

A few people who actually used these antiaging products claimed that the drying affect from the antiaging solution might be the cause of increasing wrinkles. As you can see this is spending of lots of money on a antiaging product that might just make you look older than you really are.


The antiaging product Arpel claims to give adverse effects. This antiaging product supposedly lifts the skin while smoothing the skin, minimizing signs of aging. The product is sold as a kit, and includes Melt-Down Cleansers and make-up.

The product is greasy, which clogs the pores according to few sources. The person claimed it made her face both feel and look terrible, since the Caviar and Oceanic Collagen Proteins applied under the make-up Surface Repair and Makeup, sank the pores.

According to the source, the kit contains Morning Pearl Crème, which was the only likable product in the kit. The other antiaging products including, Anti-Sag Extra Firm Industrial Strength Line Be Gone Minimize, Eye Ointment, and other anti-aging solutions did nothing but make the face feel sticky, heavy and chapped.

You can try your luck with the product for around $80. including NICEL, Vitamin E, Anew, and so on, are other antiaging products are available on the marketplace.