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What Are The Causes Of Antiaging?

At the present time people are growing older at rapid paces, since the chemicals, pollution, inability to maintain control of self and activities and so much more is making the world grow at rapid paces.

There is a different with growing gracefully older than growing unnaturally. These days, the market has put out thousands of products that offer antiaging solution, and all of them claim their product works better than the other product.

It is obvious, man is bringing injury to self as stated clearly in the Holy Scriptures. Chemicals come straight from the antiaging solutions. In other words, when a manufacturer includes flammable substances and chemicals to reduce wrinkles, what the heck are they thinking?

Flammable, what does that mean to you? Other chemicals included in some antiaging products have linked to types of cancers. If you don’t blow up using the product you’d better pray that you don’t end up the next person in Chemo Therapy.


On of the harmful gas we meet daily in our lives is commercialism. Commercialism and media has highly emphasized on beauty and sex. Thus, these days everyone wants to look like the supermodel on television that in real life looks like an ordinary person without all the make-up and cosmetic augments.

So, women apply make-up everyday to their face, which causes wrinkles to build up over the years, and some make-up formulas has Carcinogen, which also has been connected to types of cancers.

Thus, what is growing old gracefully these days? If there is such a thing left. If you are growing old naturally and avoiding sunlight excessively, sun lamps, tanning beds, ingredients that cause harm to the skin, smoke, and other pollutions and chemicals that harm the skin, thus grow with grace.


Fatigue is another area that leads to growing older sooner than grace. Thus, when you lose sleep throughout your life, the skin, body, mind, and all aspects of your human form are affected.

While new studies are claiming the body requires ten hours of rest per night, it depends on your body what you truly require. Beware that the skin will catch the reflection and start to show wear and tear later if you are having difficulty sleeping at night.

Thus, finding a solution that is right for you is your only option. Stop thinking about things you have no control over and do things you do have control is the ultimate solution for sleeping at night and reducing wrinkles in the process.


Stress is one of the problems that make the face crinkle. Thus, reducing stressors and stress in your life can help minimize wrinkles.


Another problem is chemicals. Your skin tears down when you expose your skin to too much heat, coldness, smoke, or other harmful substances and chemicals. Smoke only wears the skin down, robbing it of its natural nutrients.

Sun tans while looks good will gradually take that supermodel look and turn it upside down into a wrinkled, crinkled, lining old appeal. Accept who you are and stop worrying about gaining a color you don’t have in the first place. This brings in a point.

People whine about race, colors et cetera, throwing a fit because someone is different, yet they struggle to get the skin tone. You are who you are and what you seek to achieve could be the fatality later in your life. In conclusion, stay alert and consider cautiously when thinking of antiaging products.