Anti Inflammatory Herbs – Herbal Remedies for Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is a condition when a body reacts to any infection, injury or irritation, environmental changes or malignancy. Due to inflammation swelling, pain, redness or change in color of the skin is felt. But sometimes some internal inflammation can result giving rise to fever and other discomforts.

The inflammatory response involves the activation of white blood cells that start releasing some chemicals such as cytokines and prostaglandins. Inflammation in some cases may be acute and chronic; some may often relapse depending on the severity of the disease. Inflammation is mostly treated by administering varied doses of corticosteroids that are effective in reducing and suppressing inflammation. Inflammation if not treated properly can aggravate some diseases causing much more problems, as in many cases it is difficult to predict an inflammatory response.

Few anti inflammatory herbal remedies

There are many herbal therapies that have been tried through ages and have proven record in healing inflammation by treating the cause. Latest scientific researches have given the final approval to opt for these herbal therapies than the OTC drugs.

1. Turmeric is one of the common anti inflammatory herb that is widely used in Asian recipes in good amounts. It helps in reducing swelling, pain in arthritis, tendonitis, sprains and other autoimmune disorders. So addition of extra turmeric in curries is beneficial in the long run! But this treatment is time consuming and it may test one’s patience.

2. Ginger is another herb which is popular for its anti inflammatory properties and is used liberally in most Asian dishes. Taking ginger tea regularly in the morning relieves a lot of inflammation.

3. Boswellin herb is very good inflammatory herb in treating fibromyalgia.

4. White willow bark is another inflammatory herb that helps in reducing pain.

5. Devil’s claw works well in arthritis both in reducing inflammation and pain.

6. Licorice root is another popular anti inflammatory herb, but its prolonged use may raise the blood pressure and cause potassium loss. So person suffering from hypertension must be cautious with its use.

7. Arnica is another herb that is widely used in treating pains and bruises. It can be taken in regulated doses or the mother tincture can be applied to the affected areas to reduce inflammation.

8. St John’s wort herb though used to treat depression has also some anti- inflammatory properties.

9. Flax seed poultice is also very effective in treating bronchitis and reduces swellings in gouts and rheumatoid arthritis.

These herbs are very commonly used and are easily available. In sudden injuries these can be applied immediately for some relief before consulting any doctor. These are cheap and if applied properly one can avoid spending on painkillers and other drugs.