Anti Aging Products | Ingredients Of Anti Aging Products

Anti-Aging Product Ingredients

It is essential for preventing wrinkles and other aging effects to check and understand the ingredients of anti-aging products.

Causes Of Aging

A degree of aging is part of nature; however, the things which can cause a person to age sooner than nature intended include:

* Cosmetics
* Excessive exposure to the sun
* Sun beds
* Worry
* Fatigue
* Smoke
* Pollutions and chemicals


Collagen is a natural substance in the skin, which is nothing to worry about, however Carcinogen is found to cause forms of cancer, thus this anti-aging product ingredient should be avoided at all cost.

According to many, one of the leading reasons that aging occurs sooner is the growth hormone. Thus, the breakdown of the growing process seems to lead to wrinkling, crowfeet, lines, sagging, and other problems around the skin area.

Thus, hormones is an element of our body, therefore any product that has natural elements that restore the growing hormones is not a bad idea for anti-aging solutions.
Chamomile EO

Reviewing some of the ingredients in the anti-aging products, we can see that Chamomile EO stands out, since it is a natural ingredient, which was extracted from flowers and plants.

The natural solution was used to treat various illnesses, including insomnia. Still, flowers have a natural type of perfume scent, which is a questionable issue. Milk thistles pose no treat, since reviews has given a positive result on this anti-aging product.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most fascinating ingredients of anti-aging products that caught my eye in this solution. Green tea has proven to do wonder, including reducing odds of cancer.

Now, it is proven that make-ups have ingredients such as Carcinogen, which has proven to cause cancer. Therefore, applying green tea to the skin leads me to believe that it will not only reduce the chances of suffering cancer, it might help the skin.

Sugar is also believed to be bad for the body, especially when digested at excessive rates, thus what does this do in line of reducing aging?

Alpha Night Therapy

Anti-aging products including Alpha Night Therapy has many natural ingredients. The ingredients include citrus, Vitamin A, C, and E, sugarcane, apple, Willow Bark Extracts, and Green Tea.

The day cream, which is an age resistance solution, includes GLA, willow bark, chamomile EO, sea algae extract, oat, Vitamins A, C, and E, and milk thistle. According to certain reviews, this anti-aging product did reduce fine lines about the eye area in a few weeks of usage.


PROPYL is short for PROPYLENE, which is used in anti-freeze and solvent brake fluids, and it is in fact a Flammable ingredient if used the wrong way. Now how in the name of aging can any anti-aging solution help your skin if it houses ingredients that are harmful?

ABRA Therapeutics

ABRA Therapeutics gives off visual improvements of the skins tone, while minimizing wrinkles and giving an overall appearance to the face. The setback of this anti-aging product is that it is not one of the anti-aging products easy to get your hands on, thus making it difficult to buy this anti-aging product.

This anti-aging product is said to be one of the more affordable anti-aging products, and is a natural solution for minimizing aging process.

Thus, one resource claimed that the anti-aging products are extremely effectual and has the highest integrity above other anti-aging products. Some of the better anti-aging products offered include,

* Alpha Enzyme Peel
* Age Resistance creams
* Vitacerum
* Vitalizer
* Collagen 15
* Alpha Night Therapy
* Phito Shield

After conducting a research on this particular anti-aging product, it was found that it is in fact more affordable than many other anti-aging products. The ingredients include

* Aloe Vera Gel
* Hyaluronic Acid
* Titanium Dioxide
* SHEA Butter
* Vegetable Emulsifying Wax
* Chamomile CO
* Grape Seed Extract
* Lemon Juice
* Cellulose Gum
* Orange Wax
* KUKUI Nut Oil
* Methyl
* Vegetable Glycerin
* Glucose and Glucose OXIDASE
* Algae Extract
* Horsetail
* FARAHA Berry Oil
* Red Clover
* Lecithin
* Vitamin E and C
* Citric Acid
* Ascorbic Acid and ASCORBYL PALMITATE
* Rose Water
* Comfrey
* Green Tea Extracts
* Sesame Oil
* Lavender
* SQUALANE and more

Majority of ingredients of anti-aging products are mentioned above.