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Anti-Aging Products List

Having an idea of the products offered and the products details can help you make a decision on choice of anti-aging products for your skin type.


Botox is one of the leading anti-aging products, yet you visit a surgeon or dermatologist and endure injections. This anti-aging product works according to few up to four or five months and another series of injections is required for the anti-aging product to continue working. The pricing is around $250 or $600 depending on the expert.

Botox injections apparently used toxins, which have linked to food poisoning, thus the injections are illegal around the eye area, which is the common concern of most people searching for anti-aging products.

Other processes under dermatologist care are available. Some anti-aging products for reducing aging signs include sanding the face area, removing dead cells and purifying the face. Few people found deals and only paid $200 to look darn good after the procedure.

Victoria Principle and Garden Botanika

Victoria Principle and Garden Botanika products are few of the cheaper skincare anti-aging solutions available. Few people received good results from using the anti-aging products, thus considering the products over the pricey anti-aging products might be in your best interest.


Ponds are a common known name brand of skincare lines. The Ponds Dramatic Results according to few gave excellent results, and the lotions assisted in evening the tone of skin, moisturizing the skin and reducing wrinkles.

The downside is no sun block is available or SPF solution. The anti-aging product cost around $15 and gave excellent results; therefore, it might be worth looking into.

Ponds Night Rejuvenating Creams

Ponds Night Rejuvenating Creams gave satisfactory results for one person, who claimed the anti-aging product worked as it claimed. The person paid $6.99 for the cream but discovered if you forget to use it, the moisture reduces in the skin, taking longer to restore.

The person was treated by her dermatologist and now is using Vanicream. Lastly, another person used one of Ponds product and received adverse results. Therefore, before considering products learn your skin type and study the ingredients carefully.


Visifirm costs around $90 and gave excellent results for one person. According to the user of the anti-aging product, in ten minutes you can look 10-years younger.

The serum causes slight chills when first applied, however the anti-aging product did as the label claimed it would do, and that is smoothing the wrinkles, while providing short-term relief of aging, lasting throughout the day.

One reviewer claimed that after using the product for a few months her friends are asking if she had plastic surgery. The product might be worth a shot if you can afford the extra cash.

Comparison Of Visifirm To Botox

* Visifirm works to block ‘neuro-transmitters” which is responsible for contracting the muscles. Botox’s function is to perform the same action.
* Visifirm claims the product works in a few minutes, while Botox injections can take a couple of days before results are visible.
* Unlike Visifirm, Botox cannot be injected around the eye area, since it is not FDA approved. Thus, removing wrinkles, lines and crowfeet from the eyes is out of the question if considering Botox.
* Furthermore, Botox has not been clinically proven, while Visifirm has no long or short-term effects from its usage.
* Botox injections can cost up to $600 while Visifirm costs around $100 after shipping and handling.
* Botox injections can lead to sensitivity of the skin, which includes bruising and headaches at the first session, while the Visifirm has no harmful side affects according to its sellers.